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FOTP Big Brother: Pre-Show Interviews

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1 minute ago, Maraj said:

omg was she really? that's actually pretty amazing

yes king she ditched school to write and record her demo in a friends warehouse 

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1 minute ago, Hylia said:

Slay! Do you have any sort of game plan for this season?

Generally, I don't have any plans and just see what happens. Things happen and we try to do the best of it. I mean somehow "Sorry" became the 2nd most watched video slaying every other popstars videos. I guess no one saw that coming ayumi1.In this game, it will be hopefully the same. Except that I'm coming for #1 like the first three singles of "Purpose".

Omg his ability to turn everything into something Justin Bieber related always makes me cackle lmfao1 

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Next up is @Vintage Music!

On 3/13/2017 at 3:49 PM, Vintage Music said:

Hello Vintage Music and welcome to Hannah's living room! I see you got ready, you got all dressed up, to come to Big Brother! How are you today?

Oh I'm doing great thank you! 


Iconic. Is this your first season playing FOTP Big Brother?

Yes it is actually! 


Slay! Do you have any sort of game plan for this season?

Not exactly, I just kinda plan on coming in and observing and picking up pointers from my fellow house guests.


What about any alliance ideas?

I have a few ideas of who I'd like to form an alliance with nat1


Should a secret team with hidden abilities come into this house, what would your reaction be?

I'd be #SHOOK but I think it's be a fun twist! 


Do YOU have what it takes to win FOTP Big Brother (sponsored by Ariana Grande LLC. the Everyday music video is available to stream on VEVO now)?

I think I do have what it takes to win! Since this season is apparently sponsored by one of my favs, I can't let her (or her most iconic bop to date, Everyday) be soiled by my failure! 


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