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FOTP Big Brother 5 Diary Room

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Part One

Milk: The fucking KII jj5 @blankdreams. was the first victim of the idiocy the BB house holds, at this point anyone could leave sha1 Now I know I was in bed / taking big dumps while this was taking place, but that does not mean I have nothing to say sha1 First of all I love your bathrooms jj2 And now to the real kii, #21 on the fan rankings? Although I #outcharted legends like @#Music @Sylk and @Taylor I am still acting like a pressed pancake because that's just the way I am oprah10 Looking forward to experience the 24k Magic this house holds sia3


Big Brother: *shook wig flew to venus*

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Hello! What an experience! 

Everyone here seems to be getting along really well (at least I think we areellie1) There's one person that's always naked here, I'd be really grateful if someone could send them some clothes wub1 Wouldn't want them catching a cold!

 The beds are really comfortable, but I think I need ear plugs cause @Atlantis keeps snoring! Or maybe he's humming to Million Reasons, who could tell the difference?

Thank you for making me #9 on the fan ranking. I really appreciate it! hug2

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14 hours ago, blankdreams. said:



Answering some fan mail today! to @Sylk, I'm enjoying myself very much in Evictasian! I think I found a leftover sandwich from @Aidan. here which is nice, it's Tuna sandwich! I'm currently spending my time with my spouse writing a Popfection review on the new Zara Larsson album, which will be available on the interwebs tomorrow! Until next time fans xoxo

the interwebs part made me scream


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2 minutes ago, Count Olaf said:

GOD. Why people evicted me against @Zachary who DIDNT COMMET ONCE IN THE THREAD i do not know. Seriously thought that you people would vote me. @Taylor @Daenerys @Maraj @Sylk 

the votes are kept anonymous, so you can't be sure that we actually voted against you. It's just a game! There will be more season! hay1

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Welcome to the FOTP Big Brother Diary Room! This is the thread where you can post confessionals and vent out your frustration! Air it all out here! @Atlantis @Dreamsssss @Kuba @Royale @Diamo

Diary #1   @blankdreams.' eviction offends me as a vegan transgender hipster Native-American-Indo-Chinese hybrid alien agnostic-atheist German engineer who vapes fairtrade organic decaffeina


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