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FOTP Big Brother: The After Show

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1 minute ago, Hylia said:



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Everyone, please welcome @Milk!


Hello Milk, skim, 0% fat legend, and welcome to Hannah's living room. How are you today?

Honestly I'm glad I'm out of this mess, I honestly knew my time was close when everyone turned their backs against me, but I will be back for the next season prepared and ready!


It seems this eviction has been quite heated. What are your thoughts on the whole debacle?

Well, I wouldn't honestly find it heated rip2 I think all of us here knew that as soon as I fall in the bottom, my time here is over, and I understand tbh, I would've voted myself out as well rip2


I see. Now that you're out, can you reveal any secrets? Any alliances you had made, strategies you had devised, etc?

I didn't have any particular strategy, just to have fun in the house, I did have an alliance which floppedT bc one of us was eliminated in the beginning of the season and the other one was inactive, next time I'll consider this more seriously rip2


Who do you want to see leave the house next?

Well honestly, any of my haters (not the ones who voted me out, the ones who expressed their deep hatred toward me gaga12 ).


Who do you wanna see win this season?

Honestly I'm rooting for @Aidan. because he's one of the only people in the house right now that stood by me gaga12 . But I really won't be mad if legends like @Coca-Cola@Daenerys or @My Everything won.


Can we look forward to seeing you return to the FOTP Big Brother house in future seasons?

Of course! I will definitely be back and play the game this time.


Any final words for the house guests?

Just wanted to say that I don't hold any grudges, whether you hated me or loved me, or just didn't care about me, I love you all and wish you a great time in the house! gaga12 oh and @Count Olaf will be hearing from my lawyers gaga12



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