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FOTP Big Brother: The After Show

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Everyone, please welcome @Diamond!


Hello Diamond, and welcome to Luca's house, where we'll be eating all of his food as he stays in the Big Brother house. How are you today?

I'm okay! I'm enjoying my time here with you before I go rot in jury with that Drag Race stan.


This season, your gameplay changed drastically. You were used as a goat last season after being deemed a floater, but you were one of the biggest players this season. What sparked this new awakening, rock mined from the caves of Botswana?

I didn't really expect it tbh, I thought this season would be just like BB4 and I'd just float to the end. I went from no comp wins at all to 3 HOHs, iconic. Next season I'm coming for that win.


Now let's talk alliances. Expose yours for filth, please.

My alliance was with an obese rep whore, an obese napper and obese backstabbers. I hate them all.


What were your strategies like this season?

If I'm being honest, I really didn't have a big strategy this season, which is probably why I'm sitting here with you. Next season I will learn from my mistakes though and not walk into the house without any plan just hoping something good happens cloud1 


Who would you like to see win this season of FOTP Big Brother?

I'm actually rooting for Skyline tbh! We argued quite a bit in the house but I think it's impressive how well he's doing despite being a big target.

I really hope Luca doesn't win, sorry sis ily but you would be the most boring BB winner ever rip4 


Can we expect you see you back in future seasons?

Does Beyoncé have 6 consecutive #1 albums?


Any final words for the remaining house guests?

Reminder #269 that I am eligible for Best New Member at the 2017 FOTP Member Awards. Please submit your nominations to Phillip with my name in that category (and other ones if you're feeling generous) by April 16! xo



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And now, please welcome @Tomás!


Hello Tomás, and welcome to King Tut's tomb, where you'll be entering to steal all the treasure for me so I'm not the one affected by his petty curse on this place. These days you have to pay a monthly fee for an alarm system, but bitches back then be placing a curse around everybody and they mama's tomb as if a neighborhood burglar is about to just casually slip in. But I digress. How are you today?

I'm actually sick atm mad5 So I'm over here with 4 layers of clothes on, puking and shitting but other than that I feel betrayed good!


This season has been much more eventful than previous seasons, yet we've had a ton of fads and floaters enter the house with nothing to their personality aside from Drag Race avatars. What do you make of this?

Hire more security and only let actual legends come in, some of these participants were serving The X Factor messy audition teas. And some weren't even here for most of the game. dead4 


Now let's talk alliances. Were you in any?

None. I kinda knew I could count on my lambily clique but it wasn't an alliance per se. They're fads and left early on anyway jj2 


I see. What kinds of strategies did you play this season?

I didn't really start "playing the game" until recently when shit got real jj2 I'm here anyway so maybe it would've been better to keep playing dumb


Who would you like to see win this season?

Honestly, I don't know. I like all the people that are left in the house so I'm fine with any win (except @Luca. maybe he floated his way to the top but we still love him!). Of course I'm rooting a bit more for my TPZ chanteuses @Daenerys and @Maraj though 


Can we expect to see you return to future seasons of FOTP Big Brother?

Maybe hottie1 


Any final words for the remaining house guests?

You're all snakes but I wish you good luck! and if you win but you already have VIP Premium please consider giving me the VIP thank u love u bai

Resultado de imagen para mariah carey kiss gif








also moo outsold


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Gather around, ladies! It's time to talk to @Maraj!


Hello Maraj, and welcome to this lovely cruise liner owned by Carnival Cruises. I purchased this ship with my earning from last season, but you're still paying for your stay. How are you today?

Hey baby, it feels good to be out of the house on this gorgeous ship while drinking a non-alcoholic piña colada

But besides that, I'm happy!

Your gameplay in both seasons you've been in has been top notch. What's made you so old at this game?

Awww thanks! I just keep it 100% honest with people and I keep things positive in the house, it works every time and it carried me all the way to the Top 4!


So a floater has made it to the top 3. At first I thought I saw him on this ship with us, but then I realized I was just looking in the closet of floaters for the small children. What are your thoughts on this?

Ooooh bitch *sips piña colada * I could go on ALL day about ha but I'm gonna keep it cute and classy. But congrats to a floater for making it to Top 3, that's a start I guess. creep1


Had you made it to the top 3, do you think you could've won?

Yes and I'm not saying that to be shady. I genuinely felt like this was going to be my moment where I actually succeed at something besides making it to jury or winning fan favorite.


Who do you want to win: Daenerys or Skyline?

Neither because they both already won a season, ugh.

Just kidding, I love them both dearly but I'm gonna have to go with the love of my life Daenerys


Just kidding, I love them both dearly but I'm gonna have to go with the love of my life Daenerys

Can we expect to see you back in the FOTP Big Brother House in the future?

I don't know honestly, I'm tired of the snubs kii. wendy3 

just kidding, of course ill be back


Any final words for the remaining house guests?

Good luck babies, I love you all three of you so much even if I did just shade some of you kii. But let's keep this bitch real... we all know I deserved to be in the Top 3, someone should've just walked out so I could've automatically been in the top 3 but things happen for a reason I guess.

Adios, Maraj xoxo


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