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Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life (Official Audio) ft. The Weeknd

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This song is so fucking interesting because it's so fresh and different! Like yeah melodically it COULD be compared to Without You, but the sound is something that she's never done before! I'm so excited for this album because I feel like it's going to be very versatile and fresh! oprah10

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It's so amazing, I was literally speechless after the first listen cry9 


And the audio video could serve as an actual MV, it's beautiful cry9 


The shot of the Hollywood sign overlooking downtown LA alone cry9 


She is not playing this era, she's coming for everything and I'm ready cry9 

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2 hours ago, Vintage Music said:

The music video is gonna be so cute! brit2

I'm fully LIVED for her outfit! oprah13

I just listened to LFL and Love back to back and I'm SHOOK! This album is gonna be everything! meg1


I do hope we do get a music video though? something beyond an audio video jj4 

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If he keeps releasing an album with her featured every year, we'll have enough for one by around 2025.  

"Green lights forever" oh Not Lust for life being already better than Honeymoon with only 2 songs

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