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Ariana's brother, Frankie, to drop a single named 'Queen'

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41 minutes ago, Dr. Slay said:

I take it back I'd rather listen to the new Justin Bieber song than having to listen to this already pretentious mess rip2

Idk, I'd rather listen to Frankie than Justin personally!

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Slay me, serving me "sewer rat queen of releasing music no one ever wanted or asked for" realness, snatch my whole life with the "should've stayed in your lane keep this massive flop" extravaganza bey2 

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The second to worst living fag on the planet behind Perez Hilton is dropping a single?


Keep it, burn it, bury it six feet under, delete it, or best of all put it into a black hole and let it disintegrate into mere atoms that may never return to this universe. jj4



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who asked for this?

I did not. 

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