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Fergie leaves Interscope - UPDATE: Double Dutchess COMING on BMG label

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5 minutes ago, Dangerous Jim said:


She will have been paid an advance to make an album and whether she paid for it or not, she is likely still in debt to Interscope as she will be yet to recoup from the recent music as it has all flopped.


Interscope aren't going to let Fergie just walk off with material they've spent resources and money on recording and marketing just for her to put it on a BMG album and let BMG take the profit.


Of course they can sell it to BMG if they want to, its just whether BMG consider it strong enough to buy

Most money in music isn't purely made from the success of singles. Touring is the primary moneymaker and she has been touring a bit. She did probably a dozen one-off festival shows last year. Even if she was advanced somewhere in the range of $10 million for a budget (which is pretty high when it comes to advances), she could conceivably be in the black. It's not cheap to make an album and I seriously doubt her net worth is fully liquid, but it is a definite possibility that the recording of the album was paid for out of pocket. She certainly did the recording on her own schedule (only finishing in March last year), which is pretty leisurely pace-wise, if she had Interscope breathing down her neck

They haven't spent much on marketing her. She's barely done any promotion on any of the usual outlets; not guesting on any talk/chat shows, not getting radio/streaming deals, not really doing anything but touring, putting videos out and doing a couple interviews with some pop culture blogs. Their A&Rs clearly have no clue what to do with her in this modern age of music.

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20 minutes ago, Alek said:

OMG if Fergie releases this in next few weeks, it will be the death of me. cry9


I can't deal with so much good music rn. cry9 

The press release says end of summer for the release date. Definitely not coming in the next few weeks.

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13 hours ago, Dangerous Jim said:


Not necessarily- Interscope are the rights holders to those songs and they will have to give her permission to take them with her.


Often labels don't allow that to happen as they don't want rival labels to have hits with songs they couldn't make into hits.


Other times they do allow songs to leave their building (see Katy's OOTB)

If anything she can just buy the songs off interscope its not that big a deal

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What a mess    So basically she'll scrap everything she's done for her upcoming album and start all over again?

No, she's likely walking away from Interscope with the rights to all the songs. Interscope clearly didn't have faith in the material; why would they want to retain control of it?

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