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Justin Bieber disrespects the Spanish language

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he's such a twat.

if i were an artist on top of the world making possibly millions out of a song that may not be in my native language, i'd make sure to know the fucking lyrics since i'm making bank on the back of the song.

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On 5/26/2017 at 0:12 AM, Justin Bieber said:

So is gaga being cultural ignorant to Germany by not speaking German but calling it German?

Gaga already explained that it's gibberish orangu1

Just accept that your fave is shit af and move on orangu1

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44 minutes ago, Mariah Elusive Carey said:

Latinos are not allowed to be offended by a white person not knowing Spanish especially since Spanish is a language from Europe (whitey town) ya should only be offended if white people make fun of native americans and blacks. Like stop this uncle tom foolery and accept your melanin roots.

Latinos can be from any race; there are white, black, brown, etc. latinos. A large percentage of latin people are mixed, the only way to know one's roots for sure is to take a DNA test. Spanish colonizers conquered most of the territory in Latin America, and they had sex with the native women, resulting in a large population of mixed children that continued to multiply. Therefore, we have heritage and cultural traits that contain elements both from indigenous (natives) and European (mostly Spaniard) traditions. Spanish is the most popular language in Latin America, in fact, it's the official language in most of the territory, and it has been for many centuries. It's part of our culture and heritage, it's part of who we are, so imagine how unbelievably stupid, ignorant and racist it is when an imbecile bigot like you, comes in here and has the nerve to claim that we are not allowed to have an opinion over a matter that pertains OUR own native tongue just because we aren't European and white. Go educate your rancid and decaying brain or go be a racist rat somewhere else! 

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5 hours ago, Mariah Elusive Carey said:

Woo someone is fired up. I'm black and I think its ignorant to be offended by a white or black person not knowing spanish especially since not afro latinos (some not all) have used our culture (blacks) when it comes to music and food. 

Your skin color doesn't matter, what you said is still extremely ignorant and racist whether you are purple, green or whatever. 

Aren't they black? Hasn't it occurred to you that it might also be part of THEIR culture? 

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i m a g i n e the backlash if a white pop girl did this.  

nothing funny about this, he's supposed to be a professional. either try to memorize the words or lip it or don't sing the part at all, saying "blah blah blah" cause you don't speak the language is ju

Bitch dont try it. Our faves only fumbled or admit they forgot a lyric. Your fave literally BLAH'd all the Spanish lyrics he did not know. Cause his ass dont speak Spanish. At all. It was disrespectfu

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