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Kesha's label changed to RCA on Facebook

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4 minutes ago, Freaky Prince said:

Wasnt she always under RCA?

no. she was on Kemosabe, which is a sub label on Sony.

i believe RCA is a sub label of Sony.

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2 minutes ago, Okan said:

She was, but she was under Kemosabe too and it seems like they're erasing Kemosabe from her pages (if it was written Kemosabe before)

well no wonder, sony has dropped dr. luke  so im guessing kemosabe isnt part of sony anymore demi1

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3 minutes ago, Yzma said:

LMMMAAAOOOOOOO isn't RCA the label everyone is complaining about recently because they fuck up everyone's careers? ayumi1 Tinashe, Britney, etc.

She was already on it but still better without Kemosabe jj1 

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Jesus, I just hope she can release new music early 2018. I listened to Warrior today and forgot how I used to live this record. "Lover", the song which leaked 2015 I guess, was also so well done. She deserves to show the general public that she is more than Tik Tok and DIe Young. I mean she already did with Bob Dylans cover of "It Ain't Me Babe". Arrrghh..IT'S BEEN ALMOST FIVE YEARS SINCE WARRIOR! I WAS FUCKING 16/17 AT THIS TIME HOLY CRAP, A BABY

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16 minutes ago, Ruthless Love said:

From what I understand, RCA and Sony Music are keeping Kemosabe.  Dr. Luke is merely removed from Kemosabe.


Kemosabe Records was an American record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment based in Los Angeles, California. As of April 26, 2017, the Kemosabe Website is no longer accessible, and a message from Google saying "This site is down or has moved!" With a look at RCA and Sony Music's Website, Kemosabe has also been removed from the "Labels" List.

that's what wikipedia says 

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I'm not sure if it's changed at all considering he's the source but still.

she was under Kemosabe.


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