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Still fresh to the music scene, pop duo CaKe, comprised of models-turned-singers Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner, are offering their fans a chance to unlock the new music video for their debut single ‘Killjoy’. The single, which will feature on the duos upcoming debut album Counter Culture, has become a rising hit on radio and streaming services. The music video, directed by Mark Romanek (’99 Problems’, ‘Shake It Off’), was originally to be released later this week, however Cara and Kendall took to Twitter to announce a special mission for fans eager to see the video early.


CaKe announced that the video can be unlocked in three parts, with each part becoming available on their website after a specific task is completed by the fans. The tasks are as follows…



The first task requires fans to upload videos of themselves listening to ‘Killjoy’ (whether it is purchased or streamed) to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, using the hashtag #UnlockKilljoy. An official Cadmium Records-associated account will the privately message a secret link to the account upon completion of the task.



The second task is a word puzzle game. The game features a randomly generated short story that is missing 10 words, which need to be entered in order to complete the task. Clues to what each word is come in the form of timestamps that refer to a specific part in ‘Killjoy’. For example, 2:45 would refer to the line of the song at 2:45 in ‘Killjoy’. A word from that line in the song will be the word missing from the section in the story. Fans can stream the song and skip to each timestamp in order to hear the clue. Once all 10 words have been entered correctly, they will be directed to a page playing the second part of the ‘Killjoy’ music video.



The third and final task requires CaKe fans to work together to get ‘Killjoy’ to 20 million total streams on Encore. The song currently has almost 14.9 million streams. Once the song reaches 20m, the third part of the ‘Killjoy’ video will be unlocked and made available on CaKe’s official website.


So for all of those fans out there who are dying to get an exclusive sneak peak at the new music video for CaKe’s single ‘Killjoy’, your mission is set.

Get to work!




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Still riding off the release of their debut single ‘Killjoy’, new pop duo CaKe, made a trip out to visit Elvis Duran on The Morning Show of Z100 New York to chat about the single as well as their upcoming album. Models-turned-singers Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner sat down for a quick radio interview this morning where they got a chance to explain why they got into music as well as what people can expect from their debut album, Counter Culture. Check out excerpts from the interview below…


On why they decided to get into music

Ca: Well I’ve always had an interest in music and I dabbled in a few things musically here and there when I was younger. But as I got into modelling and that started to take off, I was forced to make a decision and choose which one I wanted to take seriously and really pursue – music or modelling. Obviously, at the time I chose modelling and it paid off for me in a lot of ways, including giving me this chance to explore music again. Modelling and acting have helped me reach an audience who can now be there to receive, and hopefully support [laughs], our music.

Ke: For me, music was more of a dream that I sort of just admired from the sidelines without ever really having the courage to fully go for it. I’ve made a lot of friends with musicians and artists and I loved getting to just immerse myself in their lifestyles and watching them do what they do. I always wanted to do it but I was scared. I come from a family who are easy targets for jokes, you know? People think it’s easy to make fun of me and my sisters whenever we do something new, so you can see why I was afraid to make such a big jump into music. I thought they’d just laugh me off every stage, leave awful comments on every song – and, of course, there are always going to be those people out there, which is why I eventually just thought, “You know what, who cares what they say? If it means that much to you, go for it”. So one night I brought it up with Cara when we were hanging out and she literally jumped off the bed with the biggest smile one my face and just said, “Let’s start a band!” [laughs]. She had been thinking about giving music another shot at the same time and everything just aligned and fell into place. Now here we are.


On their debut single ‘Killjoy’

Ke: We decided to release ‘Killjoy’ first because we thought it was a perfect first impression of what CaKe is going to be. It’s fun, it’s energetic but most importantly, it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Ca: Yeah, that was important because we didn’t want to come out with a ballad or something, trying to be the next Whitney Houston or Amy Winehouse. That’s not us, we’re never going to be that and we wanted people to realise that from the start. ‘Killjoy’ just makes me smile whenever I hear it and that sums up what we want to achieve in the early moments of our music journey. Putting smiles on peoples faces. That’s not to say we don’t have music inspired by the negative times in our lives or whatever, because trust me, that’s in there too, but for the taste, ‘Killjoy’ was the perfect choice for us.


On the #UnlockKilljoy competition

Ke: We thought it’d be a fun way to get fans involved instead of just leaving them to wait for the video. We’ve been watching all the videos that people have been sharing all morning, they’re so amazing.

Ca: It’s honestly the sweetest thing ever seeing all these people – kids, parents, old people – like so many different people, all dancing and singing along to our song. I think my favourite though was my Dad tried to join in on the fun and send me a video of him dancing to the song, but being the typical Dad he is, he doesn’t quite get technology so the video was only like 2 seconds long. But it was so cute!


On what people can expect from their first album, Counter Culture

Ca: Like I said before – fun, energy, smiles, dancing with layers of real emotion, heartbreak, heartache and everything in between. The name ‘Counter Culture’ was inspired by the chaos and wildness of things like punk culture and rebellion and there these strong values of feminism and empowerment flowing across the whole album – it feels and sounds like the battle music of a fired up, angsty, emotional, passionate, confused young adult. I absolutely love it.

Ke: What she said [laughs].



Later the duo introduced their single ‘Killjoy’ to be played immediately following the interview.

Host Elvis Duran made sure to plug the single as well as the pre-order for the album, due for release in December.



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  • To be honest this is one of the best videos I've ever done. The work from Hannah Lux Davis has always been fantastic to me, my favorite music videos come from her and I was going to even release the "El Diablo" music video directed by her but well, that's another story [laughs] bow, the "Stardust" music video really blew my mind when I saw it's final editing like, Hannah cited Christina and me to her house and we watched the music video in this big screen she has in her living room and I was just amazed by it. The special effects, the whole thing was just marvelous and I loved working with Christina on this. We had a great time in the set [laughs] she's a very funny girl so you knew that every day we went to work on the music video we were going to have a good laugh. I haven't really checked out what have the fans said or even reacted to the music video in Caltube but I'm really hoping that it's a really good thing [laughs] we worked hard on the video. I know I don't have like, a really extended music video repertoire since I only have actually three [laughs] but I still think that working on "Stardust" was amazing and definitely enjoyed so much in comparison with my other music videos. So, everyone who is listening to this and hasn't checked out the music video, go check it out on Caltube and let us know what you think! We'd love that. 


  • These two songs I think have become like, hmm, like the two songs I'll never be detached from [laughs] but I'm really cool with that! I love them both equally and they mean a lot to me personally so it's great to see the reaction from the public and the people who bought the songs. I think that "Oblivious" was just that big of a hit because people maybe related to it a lot and found that they're not alone in those kind of situations. When I was writing "Oblivious" I really didn't knew how to approach that situation, because being a victim I just couldn't found the perfect words for me to express what was going through my mind in my opinion.. But after all, I'm really glad that people did found a connection with the song and made it the big song that it is now. With "Beautifully Bizarre" I knew it was going to be a different thing because first of all, the song is a song composed by an Orchestra [laughs] so I wasn't looking for a commercial success with it because these type of songs aren't consumed a lot but to be honest that was the least of my concerns when I was making this song. I got the call from Disney and I wanted to deliver my best because I mean, it's Disney! That's a pretty big deal man. The song came out and people liked it, which was something that made feel very happy. Now both songs are still charting after all this time and that's just amazing. It's crazy the love that has been given to them. 


  • Well, deciding the singles for "Love Lost In Vegas" wasn't like a really easy task. Because first of all, I wanted to create an album that came from my heart and a record that I really felt it was right to do so I just didn't really followed the "you have to make a commercial album" advices that were given to me, I just did the album I thought would've been the best choice for my debut as a solo artist. So as you can see, there's always the requests from Labels to release the most commercials out of the album because we somehow have to like make something out of it, that's just business and I wasn't really against that but the only request I did had was like I needed to personally choose each single and I did. "Oblivious" was obviously the first one I had in mind because of how powerful the song was and also because I thought that it was the perfect opportunity for me to create this awareness about sexual harassment and rape because I knew that it wasn't a topic that people talked about really openly and if I could use this as a platform, I'd sure do it. "Wicked Games" wasn't actually the second single [laughs] it was going to be "El Diablo" but I decided to like switch it up and the rest is history. I would've love to just release a solo version of "El Diablo" and a music video for it but well, what can I do about it now [laughs] it was a bad decision and one I still regret to this date. 


"Stardust" was played afterwards. Get the song now on iTunes & stream it on Encore/Caltube!

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I'm sorry but Gaga did that

The heels!!!!!!!!


Only a queen can turn from this

to this


The nose bump omgggg

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"One of the biggest male artist right now is here tonight with us to perform a beautiful medley of his songs. Please welcome, Brendon Urie everyone!", the audience claps vividly and then the camera goes to the middle of the venue where The Voice Spain is held and Brendon was seen in a big platform, with a grand piano that was all covered by glass shaped in squares and him wearing a black tuxedo. The camera goes slowly into Brendon who was now playing the piano version of his latest single with Christina Aguilera "Stardust" in a very melodic way. "Stardust, yeah mmm, I turn to Stardust when you touch me" started singing Brendon as beautiful white lights were now going to where Brendon was creating a great atmosphere for the song and the whole venue then lighted up some props that were given to them to make it look as if they were stars and Brendon was singing the piano in space. Brendon continued to sing the chorus of the song with a very passionate tone in his voice and then he started playing the piano in a vibrant way and he started belting now the chorus again in a very powerful way while the bright white lights of the stage where now turning on and off and white confetti started coming down the ceiling and some powerful drums appeared and then they stopped as you would start hearing the "Beautifully Bizarre" piano intro now being played by Brendon. The camera now showed the fans that were in the audience screaming and cheering for Brendon and smiling at him as it went rapidly to the judges who were clapping and being very focused into what Brendon was doing at the moment in the platform.




The camera goes back to where Brendon was and he was now singing "Beautifully Bizarre" as the platform where he was started to move in circles very slowly. Camera zoomed out and showed the beautiful white lights now over Brendon again making a very visually pleasing performance but at the very same time a simplistic one. Brendon continued singing the song and as it went by the camera showed the fans looking at Brendon above them and catching the white confetti that was being falling from the ceiling as the performance continued. The camera now showed Brendon who was singing now the chorus of the song and the white lights then were going bright with every note Brendon sang. Then drums were heard and the music stopped, the camera looked at Brendon who had his eyes closed as he then started singing the next verse very slowly and continued with the piano and the lights where now over Brendon once again. He continued singing the song and as it was going to end, the platform started going down but it was still going in circles very slowly and then as it was now on the ground and the fans where next to it (with lots of space between them) you could see the floor being all covered with the white confetti and Brendon sang there the last verse of "Beautifully Bizarre" with the fans that where there singing with him. The performance ended and Brendon's face was now seen smiling and thanking everybody while nodding his head and sending kisses to the screaming fans around him. The camera now shows the judges who were on their feet clapping for Brendon and his beautiful performance. The host then reminded everyone to get both songs on iTunes and to support them on Encore and Caltube and the show ended. 


"Beautifully Bizarre" and "Stardust"  are available for purchase. Get the songs now and stream them on Encore/Caltube!

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Christina Aguilera is back and she is coming for that success! She recently signed with a new label, released the gold-certified single entitled ‘Over My Naked Body’, which became a top 10 radio hit, peaked at #14 on CAL Charts, with the music video reaching 5 million views recently, and put out an EP, together with a short film titled ‘Tango Alone’, which reached 2 million views on CAL Tube. Even if the comeback isn’t as successful as it was expected to be, the ambitious and talented singer aims to re-build her name in the industry. Following the two projects, a brand new single from her now-released studio album, ‘1 Eye Open’, titled ‘Better Off Without You’, was released to a moderately commercial performance, reaching #19 on CAL charts and gaining over 3 million views on CAL Tube. While the singles did not do as well as we hoped to, Christina seems to be heading towards a heavily promotion campaign for her album, “1 Eye Open”, months after the lead. Together with the album, Christina released a new single featuring the talented Brendon Urie. The song is titled ‘Stardust’ and it premiered together with its music video on an MTV Special, which started with an interview held by Gaby Wilson and ended with the music video. In order to promote her new album, the singer visited and performed at the Ellen Show. Catch up with Christina below!

Ellen: Today we have an extremely special guest with us. This singer has just released her new album, “1 Eye Open”, after a long promotional campaign led by a top 20 hit single. Ladies and gentlement, please welcome Christina Aguilera.

(Christina enters the room, audience applauds)

Ellen: Hello, how are you? It’s so great to have you here!
Christina: Hello, hiii! I’m so happy to be here, thank you for having me. I’m good, doing pretty well I’d say. I am so happy that my album is finally released, it took a lot of sweat, blood and tears to make it, but here it is!

E: Are you satisfied with the way the era enrolled? Since, you know, the lead single came out almost an year ago and the album was just released…
C: I am actually happy with this timeline. The album was supposed to be out by months already, but a lot of behind the scenes things happened. A lot of personal issues, a lot of management issues, stuff like that. But with all those happening to me, I feel like I was given extra time to finish the record, you know. I got the chance to take better listens and put pieces together in a more detalied way, I got the chance to remove some tracks and recreate others that initially didn’t make the cut. Take this long timeline as an extended break for me to put my head in the game, for real this time.

E: What does that mean?
C: It means that, maybe, the start of the era was a bit rough and planned in a rush. I even changed managers before the release of the second single off the album because, you know, the other one couldn’t be bothered about anything and I didn’t need that, especially since I was on the verge of launching an era. So, we fired him and hired somebody better. We then delayed the second single’s release and started working on the video. A few months later passed and that’s when I reached what I call my lowest point this year: I had to regularly see a physchiatrist, to take meds all the time, to be careful with what I eat, to rest all the time. It was a two-month-long nightmare. And the worst part was that the song was out and I couldn’t celebrate the release and the reception enough and that made me extremely sad. But all in all, I recovered pretty fast I’d say! After not even a month I was back in the studio to watch the remastering process and that gave me the strenght I needed to move on and start putting the second single out there. I have learned a lot from that experience, honestly. I know my limits much better now and I have learned that people will eventually hear my music anyways, so I shouldn’t feel guilty about taking breaks my body asks.

E: That’s a great moment of wisdom. And I am happy you are now feeling better and doing better. But with all that you said, in the end, do you have any expectations left from this era?
C: No. I am just going with the flow, doing my own thing… As I said, it’s just not good for me to overstress over some numbers or chart positions. It’s all about the music. If there’s some success coming along, wonderful, I’ll take it!

E: Since we’re at it, let’s discuss the album itself. How was it like working on it? What inspired you the most?
C: It was an extreordinary experience for me. I had the chance to let out many of these hidden feelings, so I did! I took every hurtful thing, every beautiful moment, everything I haven’t written about in my songs and put it in this album. I don’t want to speak on behalf of everyone, but I think we, as artists, tend to release only certain parts of us throughout our songs, we tend to show that we suffer or that we love or that we’re angry, but in certain doses. And that is because we are, besides artists, human beings who are afraid of showing emotion. We are people like all the people, if I could put it this way, and we try to keep everything for ourselves because, if we’re real, at the end of the day, all you have is yourself and your feelings. It’s a complex idea of mine, sorry I ended up saying something that deep [laugh]. But yeah. My family, my children, the love of my life, everything inspired me when I wrote the album. I can even say tha I had to dig very deep in order to find some of these memories and feelings. I mean, I went and remembered all my drunk nights after my divorce or I went and searched for a specific fight with my ex because I had a vague memory of him saying something that I needed to put in a song. You know, my creative process is extremely messy. First, I get a melody in my head and I ignore it because, you know, I always have a song or a certain rhythm stuck in my mind. But then, it gets annoying because that melody insists until I go to a piano and try to play it. If it comes out the way I want it to come out, then I continue with writing and all the rest of things, you know. Otherwise, I delete the concept from my mind and move on.

E: That’s interesting, I really admire when people talk about the way they create their stuff. Now, how was it like working with Brendon Urie? You released a collaboration with him titled ‘Stardust’, as the third single from the album if I’m not wrong.
C: Yes, you’re absolutely right! We recorded the song a few months ago, when it was just a concept that had, let’s say, not too many chances of ending up on the album. And I met Brendon at this event and we started chatting and all of that, you know. And the next day, I listened to his debut single and I was wowed. My mind instantly went to ‘Stardust’. I could literally hear him sing the chorus, which was the only finished part at that time. So, I called my manager and asked him to make the connections with his team because I felt like I needed to have him on the song. A few hours later and we were in the studio, finishing the lyrics and the melody.

Q: Great story! How much longer are you going to continue with this era? Are you planning more singles?
C: I honestly don’t know. The future is complicated, for this album at least. I am so happy that it’s been released but I have already started working on my next project already and I want to release it as soon as possible, so I have no clue. I might stop at ‘Stardust’ or continue with one, eventually two more singles. But, no matter what my decision will be, I can confirm that a few more music videos will be released. I love the way this new label gave me not only creative control, but a space where I can create all the things I need.

E: Do you also plan to go on tour for this album?
C: I am actually going to open for Mariah Carey for her Drifting Away Tour Australian dates! So let’s call that the touring part of this era [laugh]. If I go on my own tour, I have no clue. That’s still something we are working on, although I would love to do my own things out there!

E: “She’s a superstar that gathered a lot of attention around her in a short amount of time, getting two top 20s hit singles from her new album, ‘1Eye Open’. Please give it up for the incredible, talented, Christina Aguilera!”
Following Ellen’s announcement, Christina took the stage to perform a medley of her hit single, ‘Better Off Without You’ and ‘Stardust’. The performance started with the first song. The singer was sitting in the middle of the stage, with a red microphone stand in front of her and the huge screens behind. As the first synths of the song begin, the screen light up with pink light. During the first verse, the song’s artwork with a trippy over was playing in the background. As she sings the anthem-ish lyrics, Christina closes her eyes, hitting the correct notes and moving her hands. When the chorus kicks, she takes the mic from the stand and moves in front of the stage, punching the air and moving around. The chorus ends and it smoothly transitions into ‘Stardust’. All this while the trippy edited version of the artwork turns into a black sky full of shiny, bright stars. The lights go off, giving the place a space-ish feeling. The singer started with the first verse, where she served smooth vocals and emotion. While she sung the adorable lyrics, she closed her eyes once again, showing her passion and love for the song. The chours kicked in and Brendon’s vocals were played from the tape. Instead of going to the second verse, the performance skipped and moved on the bridge, where Brendon’s vocals were played from the tape once again. She finishes the performance with a high note during the last chorus. Christina begins to laugh and takes a bow in front of the stage, with her band doing so next to her.


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  • Hmmm, I don't know.. Maybe I am? Maybe I'm not.. [laughs] I love Christmas season as much as I love Halloween both are my favorite holidays ever and I've through the years have released music for Christmas. "Santa Tell Me" was a really cute Christmas song, I to this day think that it's one of my best Christmas songs I've ever done because my first EP "Christmas Kisses" was like a bunch of covers and as much as I loved working on it I feel that "Santa Tell Me" takes the cake on this [laughs] but yeah, hmm. I really don't know, maybe. I'd love to work on more music but I think that I'm a little bit busy at the moment since I'm still in the middle of the "Ariana Grande" era and I have so, so much plans for this that I don't see how could I fit my Christmas music into this equation. My fans adores "Santa Tell Me" and I think that a Christmas album would be such a cool idea to do but to be honest let me just think about this and see what I can do. It's been almost three years since "Santa Tell Me" so, is it time to refresh my Christmas catalogue? [Laughs] I'll let my fans decide that honestly let's see what of they'll be up for this. 


  • Expect a lot of great things! [Laughs] I had a great time recording this album and creating it from scratch with all these amazing people who helped me doing so and I'm just so, ahhhhh, so excited for this to come out. I can't believe we're really so close for this to come out, like less than two weeks. That's just so amazing. But the album is coming with a lot of surprises, I wanted to make this release be so great for my fans because I know that the "Dangerous Woman" album release was such a mess I gotta admit [laughs] but I believe that I've redeemed myself with this album. Ok so let me give an exclusive, I think that everyone knows that my debut fragrance "Lullaby" is coming the same day as the album comes out so I'll be doing some concerts here and there with Marc Jacobs around the world to promote the fragrance and my album and I think I'm also opening a new store with them in Beverly Hills. Besides that, my second single "Bottle Games" with Zendaya is going to be officially released that day too and I've got so many stuff ready for that single and I feel that it'll be as enjoyed as "Heaven and Hell" was since I strongly believe it's like her little sister [laughs]. Maybe the music video, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, is going to be released that day too... Hmmm... It's just a maybe... But let's see what happens [laughs] album's coming on November 10th so everyone keep pre-ordering!


  • Well, I'm amazed. I really, really am amazed by the overwhelming embrace that my fans gave to "Heaven and Hell" in Encore. I still can't believe that song has almost 60M streams. That's just insane! Just insane but I'm so happy, I truly and strongly believe that streams show much much a song is really loved and listened to so I'm very happy with the whole reception of both "Heaven and Hell" and "Baby Boy (This Symphony's For You)" there so I can't wait to see how they'll react towards the album. I'm really nervous about this I don't know why [laughs] I know my fans are incredible and have this amazing like, I don't know, input? [Laughs] when it comes to support me and it really shows with how "Heaven and Hell" was received. When the album drops I'm going to be doing some cool stuff with Encore and my fans will literally see me everywhere in the app [laughs] so y'all better be checking out for my album on Encore! [Laughs] Encore has been a terrific platform to put my music on, like, they are one of the big reasons why "Heaven and Hell" is as big as it is and they have helped me push my music a little further. I just love it and I highly recommend it for everyone. If you want to check out my music, go and stream "Heaven and Hell" on "Top Today Hits"! My album "Ariana Grande" will be available for streams on November 10th so be ready!


"Heaven and Hell" was played afterwards. Get the song now on iTunes and stream it on CALTUBE/Encore!

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