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Mr. Mendes    2,054
4 hours ago, Virgin Mary said:


As you all are aware, I am going to take over this version of CAL. Well, we now have a date! I am beyond pleased to announce that we are indeed coming back this Friday! Ever since I made the announcement, I have been working on the formula, I have been planning some things here and there and I even worked on a replacement for Kworb / CAL Tube / CAL Twitter. More details are going to come this Friday, but basically I can tell you that we are going to start a little... stripped off, let's say, hence the new website and formula. I know it sounds a bit disappointing but as the weeks will go, I will start adding thing after thing: we will first have only iTunes singles + albums, radio and end of the week charts, but I am currently working on introducing streaming later and ways of posting music videos. Now, another thing that needs to be done is CAL Business. Since now I have full access to it, I need all of you who previously sent a PM before Ron left to bump the PMs where you either started / finished discussing a deal or booked something. From there on, I'll put together a future calendar. Everyone who signed new artists / just joined will also get their contracts in the course of this week. Here is the site we'll be using for a while. The countdown is just something to fill some space until everything is in its place. The new thread will be open soon, while this one will get locked. That's all I had to say for now, don't forget to bump the CALB pms!

xoxo, Mother Mary.


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Jon.    7,583





Check out this exclusive news! The new CEO of Sony was seen at 3 AM in the morning outside of Edgar Berger's (Previous CEO of Sony) apartment in NYC on Friday, August 26- and she was looking terribly wasted.
Edgar Berger served as Sony's CEO for over ten years until two weeks ago when the #StopSony campaign led to his resignation and the arrival of the 39 years old Leona Fluella. 
What does a woman married with two children doing at 3 AM in the morning outside of the CEO she replaced?
"They are holding a secret relationship since about two weeks ago", told us our source, "They've met at several hotels during these two weeks but this is the first time she's been to his apartment."

Two weeks ago, Leona Fluella has expressed her opinion regarding Edgar's vicious behavior towards his clients under Sony and said " "There is alot of room for improvement but I know that Sony Music will only flourish from now on." . It doesn't look like there is alot of improvement Mrs. Fluella if you're hooking up with the one who started it all.

What do you think really happened last night? How will Sony clients react when they hear the news?!!


Post your comments below!

I was looking thru the archive thread and...


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Harry Styles    4,073

@Virgin Mary Harry has been on Sony since early 2016, so I think this season should be the season he gets an upgrade to UMG if that's possible. I was going to ask Ron if i could do this anyway :) thanks in advance

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