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Taylor Swift is trash and doesn't even care anymore about it

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4 hours ago, Jae said:

Can ya'll fucking relax. Obviously she's super petty, it's been known jj4 but it's not that big a deal, it's not like Katy was gonna do very well anyway. 

that's not the point. the point was to do something to show katy she's still petty and wants to beat her in any way possible sia4

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I expected a response from Taylor after Swish Swish, but this is taking it way too far dead1 My girl needs to stop because I can't stan her like this.

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6 hours ago, Yzma said:

This bitch is on my list. Right below Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

uh oh Taylor Swift better run and hide 


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Why yall mad tho mad5

I love it ny5

This drama makes me live, I aint joining sides either, cuz most of Hollywood is fake as hell with their puffed up arrogance

and contrived personas masking themselves as humble, sweet and relatable people mad5

Just send me good music, I dont care about your lifestyle sob1 Azealia teas fall2


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