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Katy Perry | Spotify Stats

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Hi guys, sorry for not updating this month. Been overwhelmed by school and a load of other issues. Next month's update will be much more exciting anyway given Witness' anniversary, so i'll try make that big! hug1

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1. Dark Horse (2013) - 517.6m

2. Feels (2017) ~ 500m

3. Roar (2013) ~ 380m

4. Chained To The Rhythm (2017) - 335.8m

5. Firework (2010) - 269.2m

6. Swish Swish (2017) - 210m

7. The One That Got Away (2012) ~ 200m

8. Last Friday Night (2011) - 187m

9. California Gurls - 176m

10. This Is How We Do (2014) - 163.5m

11. E.T - 161.2m

12. Teenage Dream (2010) - 157.3m

13. Unconditionally (2013) - 147.5m

14. Bon Apetit (2017) - 141m

15. I Kissed A Girl (2008) - 128m

16. Wide Awake (2012) - 108.8m

17. Hot 'N Cold (2008) - 106.8m

18. Part Of Me (2012) ~ 100m 

19. Birthday (2014) ~ 100m 

20. Who You Love (2013) ~ 90m 


This era slowed her down but overall her Spotify stats are great. 


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1 hour ago, California boy said:

“Birthday” by Katy Perry now has over 100 MILLION streams on Spotify, with that, all the singles of the album "Prism" reached such mark.

Risultati immagini per katy perry birthday gif

Omg really? Ugh her MIND

Risultati immagini per katy perry birthday gif

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Welcome! As a celebration of Witness being out for a first full week, a place to discuss Katy's Spotify numbers has been opened!    16th June 2017        

1. Dark Horse 489m  2. Roar 358m 3. Chained To The Rhythm 300m  4. Firework 243m 5. The One That Got Away 177m 6. Last Friday Night 165m 7. California Gurls 161m 8.S


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