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FOTP Big Brother All Stars: Pre-Show Interviews

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Next up is @Saiga

19 hours ago, Saiga said:

Hello Saiga, and welcome to the All Stars season of FOTP Big Brother! How are you today?

Hi Legend! I'm going great, actually a bit stressed but school is finishing so I can enter gloriously to the Big Brother House! How about you?

You've always been a great player, and have always brought controversy! Are you confident this time around?

Yeah, I mean, I'm not THAT confident: a lot of players that hate me are coming for sure! I can feel it. But I will eventually reach my allies and be happy xox

Do you have any strategies set in stone?

I kind of, but I have to see who are coming with me so I can see the picture clearer.

Describe yourself and your strategies with one word for the new viewers.

Perilous wub1

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you this season!

Thank YOU!

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Just now, Taylor said:

Poor Melaniadrama, the album we all stan but don't want to admit it


I'm an open Becky G stan, do you think I have any shame admitting my stanning habits


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12 minutes ago, Hylia said:

And Luca, for shading Tori Amos, you will be the first evicted. Your tragic fate is sealedtumblr_osaxdf9okw1utpccwo8_400.gif

I'm waiting for it, that eviction, I want it! 

Related image

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Thank you everyone that joined Hylia and I with today's cast reveal! It's definitely going to be a fun season! Remember, the game begins tomorrow at 3 pm EST! What I need you all to do now is PM

Gather! @Daenerys @Skyline @Liam @Rachel Berry @Cosmic @Maraj @barbiej33p @Hyun. @Kuba @Sylk @Taylor @Lachlan @Royale @Alex. @Saiga @Michael. @Hermione @Aidan. @Diamond @Milk @Power Dutchess @Jus

I totally didn't JUST send my interview no I sent that a few days ago yes

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