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FOTP Big Brother All Stars: Pre-Show Interviews

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Just now, Luca. said:

a proposition: hop off my dick & this thread.

even I joined for one season and am more memorable than you will in your entire BB career kiiii lmfao1 

is everybody instantly 6932059% more vile than usual in a bb thread

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Next up is @Daenerys!

22 hours ago, Daenerys said:

Hello Daenerys, The Unburnt Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons, and welcome to the All Stars season of fotp Big Brother! How are you today?

I'm doing great because I'm being interviewed by you, oh yes! You also forgot to add that I'm a two time BB winner and winner of 3 BB awards, but who's counting?!


Being the only 2 time winner of FOTP Big Brother, how confident are you this season?

Not very because I am a two time winner. I'm excited to play this season though. Hopefully there will be a lot of drama and fights. No one likes a boring house where the camera has to come up with fake drama.


Do you have any guesses as to who you may be seeing again this season?

Yes! I can see Diamond, Maraj, Taylor, Sylk, Liam, Aidan and Count Olaf returning! They've caused messes before and have made it entertaining. I'd shake if you were a surprise HG tbh!


I can actually confirm you will be meeting some players you have not previously played against, are you looking forward to that?



Do you have a strategy set in stone yet? Naturally you don't need to reveal it, but is there one?

Truthfully, I have no strategy at the moment. Just seeing where the season takes me. Not knowing who is playing is making it harder to come up with strategies.


If you had to describe yourself to the viewers with one word, what would it be?



Thank you for this, and we look forward to seeing you on the show!

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1 minute ago, Michael. said:

Not everyone is as big of a slut as you to suck the admins' dick for a spot in the staff team


Even with sucking dick I outdo you kiii and that's coming from an underage member

drag yourself a bit sis 

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Just now, Royalty said:

Yes 1989 is my favorite I mean hello Wildest Dreams New ROmantics yas2 


oh Speak Now will replace that from the first second


Just now, Taylor said:

Preach Now will always be my fave! I can't decide if I like SacRed or 19k8ty9 better but right now I'm more of a Red girl


yeah I guess it circles around for me as well because sometimes you feel like bopping and sometimes you feel like being depressed and crying to all too well


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Thank you everyone that joined Hylia and I with today's cast reveal! It's definitely going to be a fun season! Remember, the game begins tomorrow at 3 pm EST! What I need you all to do now is PM

Gather! @Daenerys @Skyline @Liam @Rachel Berry @Cosmic @Maraj @barbiej33p @Hyun. @Kuba @Sylk @Taylor @Lachlan @Royale @Alex. @Saiga @Michael. @Hermione @Aidan. @Diamond @Milk @Power Dutchess @Jus

I totally didn't JUST send my interview no I sent that a few days ago yes

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