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FOTP Big Brother All Stars: The After Show

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Icon @Zachary has returned! yas2


Good aftermorning Zachary, welcome to the broom closet aka my office. How are you?

am fucking exhausted fam dead3


Superb. Did you enjoy your Big Brother experience?

yes omg, so SO much. demi1  it was great to get to know everyone better, I laugh so much at the stupid pop forum sense of humour we all have and the drags and drama were all kiis LMAOeve1 and to get 12th place is quite incredible I expected to be LYNCHEDt on the first day but here I am, a jury member gaycat1


Were you part of any alliances?

perhaps gaycat1


Cool. Who do you think has what it takes to win this season?

wendy whaleiums wendy4


Really? And finally, can we expect you to play in future seasons?

HOLY yes omg count me the pissing fuck in bitch brit13


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Please welcome legend @Hyun. everyone! mad1


Hello Hyun & welcome to the crumbled remains of the Hogwarts castle! How have you been?

hi legend Kuba, thank you! this poor castle didn't stand too well after @Daenerys attacked it huh? i'm doing pretty well! the Jury house is pretty fun, everyone's just sleeping the entire time except Cody and I!


That’s great! How did you find being in such a big alliance?

it was definitely great at first, having so many people in it meant i'd stay safe for probably quite a while, what i didn't realise was that it would come bite me in the ass for many reasons! the alliance was basically formed of a lot of floaters, who should've gone home early in the game, plus it made us a really easy target. i don't regret being part of it though, just should've though it all through!


Wow! Do you think that you deserved to be nominated so many times this season?

no! and i'll tell you why, most of my nominations came from the two pressed returnees (@Michael. and @Diamond) in revenge of me getting back to them, even tho they literally returned to the game all cute and safe! but i digress, they got what they wanted to i can't blame them for playing the game well! at least i leave as the most nominated HouseGuest this season, i guess? talk about surviving!


Have you got any tea to spill on any of the houseguests?

apart from everything that got exposed with the Hogwarts alliance? not really, tho i'm glad my one goal to get @Daenerys and @Skyline evicted did happen!


OMG! Will you be returning in future BB seasons?

i'm leaning towards yes! but i'm not sure, the game can really get to you and i don't think i can handle the amount of stress it is dd, but you might see me floating around on future seasons, yes!


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5 hours ago, Daenerys said:

btw Hyun placed one spot above me and his huge alliance got two floaters to final 2... @Skyline and I won in the end!


Still pressed that you call cosmic and me floaters? It's just a baseless accusation and I'm also very dissaponted with @Hyun. calling us that considering I am always active in the thread. 

I will miss you anyway in the game.

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1 minute ago, Simón. said:

Still pressed that you call cosmic and me floaters? It's just a baseless accusation and I'm also very dissaponted with @Hyun. calling us that considering I am always active in the thread. 

@Hannah does being active in the thread mean you're not a floater btw?

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Hello everyone, please welcome @Liam! I hope you have fun deciphering the format mad1


Hi Liam & welcome to Hannah’s bedroom where you seem to have been most of the season! How are you feeling?

Fucking hungover. I am trying to format this PM on a mobile lying in a disgustingly damp tent in Iggy Azalea's hometown


Fabulous! Were you part of any alliances?


Cosmic was my first baby! Then after begging for five hundred fucking centuries everyone started asking. My original final three was going to be with Daenarys and Skyline because having two winners would of been perfect for an All Stars season. I also wanted to have loads of other options so I had the floater alliance like Simon and Cosmic. I also had separate alliances with Michael and Diamond who joined forces to try combat the Hogwarts alliance


How do you feel about making it so far this season despite being considered a floater?


Great! It was my strategy to seem like a total non factor the whole season because in BB4 I got voted out 8th because everyone saw me as a threat


Oooh! Which current houseguest deserves to win the most?


I won't say because I don't want to influence the game by saying who I would vote for


Interesting! Do you think that we’ll hear more from you in future season


Perhaps a legends season? I have placed top ten in all my seasons


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Here is a @maraj interview that I never got around to posting last night! kylie2


Hello Maraj & welcome to the green screen room where Nicki probably shot her scene for Swish Swish! How have you been?

Omg NICKI was in this same room??? WOW IM SHAKING. I'm pretty good btw, i've been making out with a few people in the jury house. I had some fun with @Sylk in the jacuzzi last night! 


Iconic! How did the Hogwarts alliance function when it started to whittle down to only a few houseguests?

First of all, I hate Fadnah for naming us the damn Hogwarts Alliance. Also we did pretty well, we talked things out and made sure everyone had a clear understanding if two of us were up for eviction. Love them tho!!


What was the biggest difficulty that you faced this season?

Hmmm I think that one time some snake ass bitch decided to be messy and go run to another PM with my exact quote to start drama in-game and off-game. I think that fucked everything up and I wish it never would've happened because it just went downhill from there.

Basically: Never say shit around fake ass, fraud ass, dusty ass, ugly ass, lonely ass, musty ass bitches. 


Legendary! The top 4 is looking rather interesting, which houseguest out of them deserves to win the most?

Um is it bad that I really don't want any of them to win? Oops... I mean well hopefully someone with talent will win, I'll just say that!! jj2 


OOooh! & Finally, do you think we’ll be expecting a legendary comeback next season?

Lol nope!! I love my BarbHive so much for the support but your favorite bitch is DONE!! xoxo! *wink wink*


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