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FOTP Big Brother All Stars: The After Show

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2 minutes ago, Hylia said:

Because your interview was all sunshine and rainbows



Don't know whether to cackle by the fact am out before you, or by the fact that you think you made yourself relevant by evicting me. The actual audacity of you to even try it with that mess of a rep, post count, or oversaturated avi. I am disgusted. No one knows who you are, and no one cares. I suggest you take your 4 words you put in that post and shove it up your arse, the blasephemy, irony & irrelevancy that is truly visible when it comes to you and your experience on FOTP is so big that even Mariah is shocked by the size of it compared to her. Your ass is jealous of the amount of bullshit that comes out of your mouth sweetie. Repent. 

King of sunshine and rainbows


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Ladies and gentleman, please welcome @Power Dutchess!


Hello Power Dutchess and welcome to the NYC sewer system as I FaceTime you from my lavish Calabasas estate. How are you today?

Great thanks, watch the Swish Swish Lyrics video featuring the iconic Gretchen now on YouTube. kylie2


Wow, second out. That sucks. What are your thoughts on that?

Again, watch the Swish Swish Lyrics video featuring the iconic Gretchen now on YouTube. kylie2


Hot. Who do you want to see evicted next?

@Hermione she needs to pay for this


Were you in any alliances?

Yes, ironically the player I replaced as nominee was in it. rip4


Can we expect to see you return in future seasons?

I don't think so wendy4


Good luck on your future endeavors!

-> Oh thank you very much!!! <-


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Come make fun of Luca's exit interview yall lolol  

First up is @Luca.!  

Up next is @Diamond!    

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