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FOTP Big Brother All Stars: The After Show

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Hello again! Lets welcome the leader of the Hogwarts alliance, @Hermionejj2



Hello Hermione and welcome to the cupboard under Hannah's stairs! How have you been?

Enjoying my glamorous and eventful offline life devoid of haters, ignorance, negativity, and drama. Other cannot say the same! 


Riveting! You’re known to be a scheming player, did you have any strategies in place?

I originally planned on bringing back season 5 Hermione once my alliance had dissolved, but I grew to like everyone and I decided not to do that. I also ended up not lasting long enough to get a chance anyway.


Were you in any alliances? 

Yes, and I haven't been keeping up with the game so I don't know if everyone in it has been outed/evicted yet so I'll stay quiet.


Magical! Is there any tea you’d like to spill on any of the houseguests?

Diarrhenerys is your ass jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth? Truly a prime example of moral bankruptcy. 


Omg! Last but not least, can we expect you to return in future seasons?

It was fun while it lasted but probably not. Never say never, but it's kind of obvious that I'm over everything 


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6 hours ago, Kuba said:


Diarrhenerys is your ass jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth? Truly a prime example of moral bankruptcy.

Jealous of a pre-jury flop who's game I blew up and alliance I exposed?

There's nothing to be jealous of, sis.


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Just before the iconique eviction begins, lets invite Rihanna's biggest fan aka @RihannaRTT


Hello RihannaRTT, lets get to work, shall we? How are you feeling?

You know what? I'm fine honestly. I cam into this game with less experience than those who've played recently and was at a disadvantage from not knowing the new experiences of the house, and really, I just came to have fun, and I achieved that. 




Very Interihsting! Are you happy with your placement this season?

I suppose I would have liked to make top ten. Of course I'd have loved to win, but it wasn't on the cards. I'm glad that I made it to jury and look forward to casting my vote for my winner. 




Were any houseguests close to you in the house? Did you have an alliance?

I didn't have "alliances" as such. I had partnerful partnerships. The first was with Zachary who, for some reason, I thought would be alone in the early stages without realising he was in a big alliance. I also partnered with Hyun and Daenerys separately; as well as a three-way partnership with Michael and barbiej33p on the week I won HOH. Some of these were good ideas in retrospect, some not so much. Honestly, I didn't know which of these I would be loyal to, until the end, but I was actually intenting to be loyal to Daenerys all the way. 




Rihveting! If you could play the game again and avoid the same ol’ mistakes, what would you do differently?

I hate that song, to be honest. 



Um, game wise. There was two things I'd have done differently. Setting my partnerships with some people early on was a bad move and realistically; outside of Hyun who I believed would have trusted in me, regardless of whether I decided to follow through or not, I'd have been better off without them and should have just waited for them to come to me; like Daenerys did. I think my other mistake was using the Veto to save Hyun. I even tried to throw the competition but all these bitches were dumb ass idiots who couldn't win a competition if their lives depended on it. By saving Hyun, his alliance members probably got suspicious and needed me out, while the other side of the house would have thought I was working with them, and I think I messed up there. The truth is, I was conflicted on who to side with and just wanted to keep him around a little longer... which kinda bit me in the ass, I guess. 




Sounds rihfreshing! Will you be da one that rihturns next season?  

I prefer this song. 



And you know, of course. All-Stars was a perfect reintroduction for me, and I'm ready to give it my all from this point onwards. Hopefully, if I have a little more time to truly invest as well. I enjoyed this though, and actually, I created iconic house moments.




Not everyone has that. 


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Hello everyone, please welcome @Alex.wendy1


Hi Alex & welcome to the Altboards command centre, also known as the garbage can! How are you?

Fine right now, happy enough with my placement. Pretty tragic I was in the top 10 and then I wasn't but there was nothing I could do to win against Hyun in that eviction!


Fantastic! Were you in any alliances?

Yes. Y'all know how that turned out. Cosmic, Simon, and Zachary (me too lbr) were the floater queens of the Hogwartz alliance. We lost legends like Hermione early on as Kuba then got evicted shortly after.  We grew stronger until we got thrown off one by one because of this season's iconic twists! I hope for the best for everyone who remains! Hogwartz alliance definitely helped make this season better because I wasn't a fad that was alone! Making it all the way to 15th place in BB5 all alone was pretty impressive, and making 11th with this alliance was not bad either! #TeamMaraj #TeamCosmic #TeamHyun #TeamSimon lana1


Woah! Rumour has it that you’re not very liked in the house, is that true?

It is true! This season I transitioned more into being universally hated as my time ended, and I didn't really know why? I needed to get out of the house as fast as I could! ny2


Awh! Can you predict the top 3 of this season for us?

@Daenerys, @Maraj @Hyun.



Do you think that you still have a chance to shine in future seasons?

Nope, I think I'm done with Big Brother. Maybe just for now, I'll see if I want to come back but it doesn't seem useful if my comp stats are always shit and I have to rely on an alliance to last because I am a joke. The wiki was really fun and I might come back just as a kii once again because no one wants me to play.




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Gather round everyone, it's time for @Skyline's interview! demi1


Hello Skyline, I’m sure you’re thrilled to see me again! How have you been?

Hello! Going from Filler House guest to After Show Interviewer? I guess the Tuba has many sounds. I'm fine, thank you. I'll be ready to serve all the tea, exposes, etc.


Exciting! Were you part of any alliances this season?

I was actually part of 2 alliances. The first alliance was with @Daenerys, it was the same as the way we did last season. We just looked out for each other to get as far as possible into the Top 10. Last season we made Top 2 but this season I guess people were aware of who to look out for so I got evicted earlier, but at least I still made Top 10. I'm not sure how long Daenerys will last, but I don't think he'll last much longer beyond his nomination against @Maraj.


The other alliance I was part of was the "Skinty Alliance" ( @Sylk's name, not mine). The alliance was made up of me, @Sylk@Royale, @Tomás, @Aidan., @Lachlan and @Michael.. But the group got smaller as time went on. Michael. and Lachlan grew distant from the group, while Royale, Tomas and Aidan were all punched out of the game fairly quickly. So it was just me and @Sylk in the end, at least we both made Top 10.


I was actually rooting for @Sylk to win but I guess people would rather keep mediocrity in the house *cough*@Hyun.*cough*@Simón.*cough*@Cosmic.


If you could pick a houseguest to go see a Cyndi Lauper show with, who would it be?

I would consider bringing @Sylk since his weave so detachable. Every five seconds he tells us how his weave is flying somewhere exotic so I guess he would enjoy the show. If he's not available, then I'd take @Saiga so we can bop to "She Bop".


Do you think that the house made a mistake by evicting you rather than Daenerys?

I think I'm not that much of a threat really. Daenerys has the brains to win (like he did last season). I'm just here for the ride and see where I can go. Of course, I'll try to win if I can but I'm not the villain of the house like people think I am. I genuinely don't hate anybody, I just like stirring up drama because the house would be so boring without it. The real villain was @Hermione and his henchmen that are still doing his bidding as we speak.


Oooh! Will future seasons see the return of your reign?

Of course. I wouldn't have it any other way (and neither would the viewers).


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