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FOTP Big Brother All Stars: The After Show

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Please welcome @Sylk everyone! wendy1


Hello Sylk and welcome to Hannah’s wardrobe! How have you been?

I have been very good. Thank you for asking. 


Iconic! You’ve been a rather quiet houseguest this season, why was that?

I've been very observant lately, but most of all I've been more active in the behind-the-scenes happenings of Big Brother which I've never done before. This season was very fun for me. 


Interesting! Were you part of any alliances?

Yes, I was a part of many alliances. Particularly one that displayed longevity and impact which the same can't be said about other alliances. 


Which houseguest do you think deserves to win the most?

I wanted Skyline to win but he has been evicted so I'm gonna go with Simon he's always been very sweet to me. And maybe even Diamond since he has persevered alot this season, reminding me of a young-Sylk! 


We been knew! Lastly, will you be returning in future seasons of BB?

You'll always be a part of me, I'm part of you indefinitely, boy don't you know you can't escape me, ohh dahhling cause you'll always be my baby!


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While we wait for Hannah bo bana banana, here is some tea spilled by @Daeneryscloud1


Hi Daenerys and welcome to the trophy room, where you own most of them! How are you?

Thank you! I'm doing great, oh yes! Just thinking about how to ruin someone's life, but that's just a regular day for me!


Iconic. What’s the most shocking partnership you were in?

I love how partnerships has become a term to use now!

Shocking? Hmm... probably @barbiej33p and @RihannaRTT. I had partnerships with @Diamond, @Michael., @Liam and @Skyline. But they were allies from past seasons and @Liam and I just started working together to get out certain people. But with Rih and Barbie, I had never really talked to them before the season started and then I just PMed them because I needed to recruit people to take down Hogwarts which was basically my goal for all these partnerships.


Which three houseguests infuriated you most this season & why?

No one really infuriated me tbh. The people who didn't post at all are probably the most infuriating because you basically made us waste an HoH to get you out since you did nothing.


Screaming! Do you think you succeeded your goal in the house despite not winning?

Absolutely! The single greatest BB day for me this season was when I exposed Hogwarts and had people shaking for filth and trying it with me. It caused such a mess and the thread was so active, it was fun. I knew I wouldn't win a third time, so my goal was to at least make the house more drama filled (without getting personal).


Amazing! Finally, will future seasons see the return of Daenerys?

As long as I'm breathing and BB is still active, I will be playing, oh yes! Big Brother is where I get all my fights and shade out!


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4 minutes ago, Kuba said:

he people who didn't post at all are probably the most infuriating because you basically made us waste an HoH to get you out since you did nothing.


not me posting in the thread all the time and still getting nominated by you sia5

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