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is Madonna TRULY the queen of pop?

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6 minutes ago, Nocturn said:

Vision of Love is complex? brit15

They think you need to oversing your heart out in order to produce quality. rip4 Again, they only use this logic when they want to tackle Madonna. Imagine is considered to be one of the all time greatest songs (and definitely higher than any Mariah track) and it's as simple as simple can get.

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15 hours ago, havok said:


Redirecting your delusional ass to this post that you conveniently ignored. 

Now, here are just a few examples of my talented fave showcasing her musical talents without a big production as you requested:  

In before you claim she's not "talented" because she's not screaming and oversinging her way trough every song. I forgot that oversinging is the only musical talent a human can posses according to you. mad4 Now, where's the video I requested about Mariah? Let me guess, you're gonna keep deflecting. nat2 

Oh wow, the roaring audience at the first performance! ny9

Let me help you with this raw audio from her tour, just her and her guitar!


How about this 


This maybe?


Look at her captivating the crowd here ! 


I mean, even in this performance she's particularly all by herself, performing.


But let's repeat it, fellas, if you don't oversing and whistle your voice is invalid! David Bowie who? Roger Waters who? sha1 There's only one form of vocal merit and that's Mariah's! But omg, Madonna fans are so pretentious sha1

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@/\quarius     Madonna is the queen of pop because she has the most distinctive discography among female pop singers IMO. Janet, Mariah, Whitney may have done pop records here and there

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