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'The Roof', 'It's A Wrap' & 'Clown' among Mariah's Most Underappreciated Songs of All Time

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1. "It’s a Wrap"
You did not expect this. This is the most refreshingly creative song Mariah has written and performed in recent memory. It tops this list for a number of reasons, led primarily by its consequentially challenged promotional cycle. It did receive at least one televised performance. Mary J. Blige even recorded a duet with Mariah for the track, pegged for a special-edition re-release of Memoirs featuring duets that was ultimately scrapped (yes, the era that provided every news show the only available B-roll for the Mariah/Nicki American Idol saga of 2013).

The fact that this song could even bring together such modern-day R&B legends as Mary and Mimi is a feat worth commemorating. The duet did eventually appear on a bonus edition of 2014's Me. I Am Mariah..., but the five-year gap tempered the track's bite. Interestingly enough, "Wrap" encapsulates Mariah today, eight years after its release: a champagne-pouring diva who isn't afraid to put her foot down with her man, as she unleashes the fury of a scorned woman in the classiest way possible -- in perfect pitch.


4. "The Roof"
This song complemented her personal story so powerfully during the Butterfly era that it remains one of her greatest achievements in conveying vulnerability in love.


6. "Clown"
Sponsored by M&Ms. "They come in a package you can carry wherever you go..."






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10 minutes ago, Lachlan said:

Clown is nothing to write home about but The Roof and It's a Testament are great.


oh wow oomfs stans It's a Moses 


5 minutes ago, Taylor said:

which will eventually lead the way into irrelevancy


he's so good at being irrelevant that he make it look good


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Memoirs song at #1? @Skyline what's good?

It's a Wrap is a song that will transcend time and space. A classic that will be remembered for generations to come.


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