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When and How did you start stanning Mariah?

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26 minutes ago, Sylk said:

Is your aunt looking to adopt? And that's adorable omg oprah4 


Nah but once we get married, you'll be in the family so you can stan with my aunt!!


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Before MIAM was released I only knew Mariah as the American Idol gif queen. Then one day in May 2014 an angel reblogged You Don't Know What To Do on my Tumblr Dashboard and ever since I was hooked, shooked with my scalp cooked! I downloaded MIAM and it's about to become my most played album ever. I even bought the CD, not everybody has that. That day I heard YDKWTD was the day my life changed for the better!

5 hours ago, Melt Away said:

I grew up to her music since she was HUGE in the Philippines, and I knew most of her hits and even some non-hits that were huge back home! i.e Through The Rain, Butterfly, etc! My mom also stanned and has most of her albums, even developing her own obsession with butterflies. I remember this quote from my mother, "I like butterflies, just like Mariah does." Truly a STAN!


Anyway, flash-forward to 2015, I now live in the states, and have lived there for most of my teenage years. I've been hearing a lot of her music, especially during Christmastime. That year, the 90s nostalgia/revival has been in full-force and I decided to put my 80s phase to a halt to listen to 90s music. I started with Mariah, the queen of the 90s, of course!

But I only truly became a stan around Christmastime, whenever I played her 1994 album! I was STUNNED by her vocals and couldn't get enough. I immediately started listening to her 90s albums, stanning Emotions! I eventually stanned Daydream and Butterfly as well! Well into 2016 I've only listened to her 90s albums, and it wasn't really until late 2016 that I started stanning her 2000s albums, and now I've listened to most if not all of her released discography and I'm a full blown STAN!


She also changed my musical taste from a love for wild EDM/dance-pop to stanning smooth rnb/jazz! Truly a legend!

That's the beauty of Mariah! She appeals to many demographics; me and my mother also both stan!

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I discovered her song Hero my freshman year of high school in 201`1 when i was like 14 and thought her voice was so beautiful cry6 

Then I forgot about her for a bit mad5 

And then I listened to her Butterfly album in late 2013 when I was all heartbroken and sappy creep1 

My All and Butterfly were my anthems 



Then Me. I Am Mariah came out in early 2014 and I listened to that and I liked it a lot so I just had to go back and listen to her comeback The Emancipation and I went on from there creep1  

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I rarely knew anything about Mariah back in my stanning days of 2014 and before. All I knew of hers was All I Want For Christmas Is You and Touch My Body. Back on an old forum someone was stanning hard for Mariah and her skills as a personal writer and gave The Roof as evidence. I listened to the song and quite liked it (grew to love it, obviously) I went ahead and downloaded Butterfly but then I didn't really like much else. (Idk why I didn't have any taste back then, but I didn't like Honey for some reason and I also wasn't into big pop ballads at the time, so the first three tracks were a bust) I put Mariah on hold for awhile until about last summer when I inevitably picked up Butterfly again. I can't recall the circumstances, but that tends to be a theme with me. I'll enjoy a song or two from an artist, pretend I don't like them for awhile, and then fall miserably in love with their whole career soon after...


In fact, I think I might have started my Mariah stanning after I had a brief interest in Ariana Grande creep1 I remember enjoying Dangerous Woman for awhile and I must have heard her cover of Emotions (I also remember hearing Emotions in Macy's one day, and was enamored by the high notes). This all probably inevitably lead me to the original.


In any case, I don't quite remember what happened after that. I probably started listening to her earlier hits, and jams like Fantasy and Someday got me sucked in. It took me a little while to appreciate it but then I was really into Vision of Love, too. I probably started stanning hardcore when I started watching live performances from the 90s on Youtube and other videos that focused on her singing abilities and such.

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I've known a couple of bops before, like Hero, Without You, Obsessed & Touch My Body (which I thought both were from like 2001 cuz she looked so youngcry7), and then #Beautiful came out, and I started getting into her, listened to her whole discography (Liked everything besides memoirs aretha1) and that was it oprah4

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In 2014 after I got hooked on Obsessed and then decided to explore the artist behind it more and I found MIAM

I firstly listened to the newer albums but when I heard the older ones it was fate



Remembering listening to Butterfly for the first time the tears oh my god


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I turned to the Gospel of Mariah back in 2009 at the tender age of 13 (stop counting then so eternally 13! )  The music video for Obsessed used to come on every day! I really liked it alot and wh

She is truly something else isn't she   oh wow I thought you was an oldie didn't knew you was a fresh lamb!   Is your aunt looking to adopt? And that's adorable omg   omg #Me

I heard her music all the time on the radio, but, and I remember it like yesterday, it was the MTV special on the making of the It's Like That and We Belong Together videos that truly made me a stan. 

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