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4 hours ago, Chapman. said:

wig at the graphics oprah4 

I'm never here but I still want the news so @Hannah would you be so kind to add me to the taglist wendy3 

With Charlie Puth in your avi? awk1 I think the fuck not! awk1 


jk will do tehe1 


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Hey everyone! New era means the section is getting a bit of a makeover! Check out the OP of this thread to see some of @Luca 's hard work! Also please feel free to check out the No Tears Lounge, aka what used to be Honeymoon Inn! The OP of that thread has a lot of cute stuff like new graphics (also made by Luca), rate results, Arianator Awards results, Ariana's discography and when you click the single cover art you get taken to that songs video, as well as new and improved top members! Top Members are chosen by their activity in the section so if you wanna be added, just be active! (and try to have a cute avi pls, I will not have trash in my OP!) That's all for now, I hope you enjoy the changes! <3


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The graphics look flawless  

All thanks to king @Michael.!  

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