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Is Scream the Britney of horror movies?

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9 hours ago, Devil Pray said:

How is Halloween a 'Scream clone' when the first Halloween movie was released in 1978 ellie1

Because it exists because of Scream's success otherwise Halloween 6 would have been the final Halloween film

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5 hours ago, Vesper said:

Because '78 was a long time ago, and slashers were dying until Scream revitalized the genre and the Halloween series suddenly had a new sequel H20 out afterwards. 

Scream's success is responsible for Bride of Chucky as well

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to be fair tho pop wasn't dying before britney it had just come back, what britney revived was the solo teen-pop girl craze that had been gone for years. I heard some label rejected her around 97 because at the time girlgroups and boybands were the it thing, then she came back in late 98 and revived solo teen-pop, then came christina, jessica, mandy etc.

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christina is scary movie    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qpbf9NUuuUk

When they both debuted in the 90s, Pop music and slasher films were a dying genre until they debuted. When they debuted we had tons of clones:   Britney Clones: Christina Aguilera Mandy

You can't even manage to make one dedicated Mariah fan to shut up, how do you expect to handle all those fanbases at once?. You are just a weak villan from a disney movie that lost to a bunch of cute

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