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Everybody else seemed to be doing one, so I thought I would as well.


Bastards: This is a raw, amazing track. I think it encapsulates the entire album, with a message of perseverance. Although the lyrics are incredible and powerful, I did find it a tad too slow for my taste. However, the last minute is incredible and is one of the reasons I love the song. 


Let 'Em Talk (feat. Eagles of Death Metal): The song has a fantastic message, very similar to Bastards. It says ignore the toxicity around you and carry on. The chorus is one of the best I have heard in a while from any artist. This has become one of my favorites on the album, it makes me want to smile and dance.


Woman (feat. The Dap-Kings Horns): I love this song so much. All of my friends who are not as into Kesha also love this track. The lyrics aren't very deep, but they aren't mean to be, it is just about taking pride in who you are. The song makes you dance, sing and laugh along with Kesha. It's an enormously fun track.


Hymn: I have heard so many mixed opinions on this song. The song has a great chorus and similar to Bastards, the final minute is incredible. Lyrically the song is also good in my opinion, some have considered it "cheesy", but I think it's straightforward and I appreciate it for what it is worth. However, the only place I fault this song is when she sings "Hymn, hymn, hymn", something just sounds off there. Besides that, it is a great track.


Praying: Perfect. Need I say more? I was so emotional when I initially listened to this track, as were many others. I was always wondering what type of music she would comeback with, and this was the best way to do it. A great song in every way, with a fantastic video alongside it. Even my over-critical parents and grandparents loved the song, which says a lot.


Learn to Let Go: This may be my favorite song off the entire record, the message resonated with me and the chorus was phenomenal. It was also my favorite music video out of Kesha's discography, and on a superficial level the blue hair is my favorite that she has had.


Finding You: I enjoyed this song, it sounds great and the chorus is good. I didn't think the track was super special sonically, but lyrically it is fantastic.


Rainbow: This song means so much to me, every time I hear this I smile. So big. It is so powerful and knowing where she was at when she wrote the track, makes it that much more meaningful. I needed a song like this, and Kesha delivered. The song made it seem like she was talking right to you, and somehow felt like a rainbow. I also really enjoyed the music video, it was simple, but special and necessary.


Hunt You Down: I don't really love or hate this song, the style is just not really for me. I know some people have loved it, based on other reviews. But I just can't get into it. However, it is nice to see Kesha joke around, after so many serious, hard-hitting tracks. I did find the placement in the album a bit strange though, proceeding such a powerful track such as Rainbow.


Boogie Feet (feat. Eagles of Death Metal): Great track! I have no complaints, it makes me want to dance, so it's mission was a success. It is so fun. I hold it highly and it is also one of my favorites off of the album.


Boots: A really fun track, that you have to sing and dance-along to. The final minute, like many of the other songs, was also amazing


Old Flames [Can't Hold a Candle to You (feat. Dolly Parton)]: Similar to Hunt You Down, I just could not really get into this track. I love much of Dolly's work, but this was just never the song for me. Lyrically, it's great, but it is just too slow for my taste. 


Godzilla: This song has a really cute message, which is my main reason for loving it. However, it may be a skippable track from me in the future, just because of the pace of it.


Spaceship: What a closer! I love this track so much. It is a message which I entirely relate to, and I'm sure many others could as well. The chorus sounds great. If I could make one critique, I would just make it a tad shorter.


All in all, this album is one of my favorites that I have ever listened to. She continues to raise the bar for herself. Cannot wait to see her tour and future work.

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5 hours ago, Okan said:

I love reading honest opinions on the album, great review yas1

Appreciate it :)


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