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20 tons of chocolate stolen

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"A trailer full of chocolate was stolen from the town of Neustadt in Germany.

The 20 ton cargo load, which included Kinder eggs, Nutella and other confectionary, was taken by thieves between Saturday evening and Sunday noon.

Police have said it was worth up to €70,000 (£63,000).

“Anyone offered large quantities of chocolate via unconventional channels should report it to the police immediately,” the force said in a statement.

Whether the theft was planned or an opportunistic crime is unknown.

Officers are investigating whether the chocolate theft is related to another theft of an empty trailer in the nearby city of Weimar.

Elsewhere, investigators in the town of Wittenburg are on the hunt for a missing trailer containing around 30 tons of fruit juice, which is believed to have been stolen on Saturday morning."



@TattooedHeart i know it was you 

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36 minutes ago, Michael. said:

who dat in ya set rih1 

16 minutes ago, Freaky Prince said:

Funny how Google doesn't recognize him dead4 But, I'd like to know too rih1

OT: wendy3

Might be bc Evan Spergel is a lowkey actor but I found him on YouTube as he's in a couple of gay vlogs wub1


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