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On 4/26/2020 at 12:03 AM, Jon. said:

The way that there are reports that BTS are working on a new project already... WHEW dead2

The devil works hard but BTS works harder rose1

And Jimin is the creative director as the group collectively talked with their label rose1

This is their best record, I can feel it! rose1

Jimin is my bias tay5




My sticker sheet got crinkled :(


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31 minutes ago, Daniel K. said:

Happy Birthday to him! He's 23, right? But in Korea I think he's already 24.

Also, he's hot but....

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Jimin is blazing

Park Jimin Image #142068 - Asiachan KPOP Image Board


Yes, Asians have an odd way of counting bdays. I prefer the western way since I don't want to add another year to my age nicki5 

Jimin has the best style, imo. 

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