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FOTP Big Brother 7: The After Show

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Welcome to the Big Brother 7 After Show! Hosted by yours truly!

Here I will be interviewing the flops that got evicted, as well as a few special guests!

Everyone gather, we have our first flop of the season, @Zachary, coming up next!


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Please welcome back to the outside world, @Zachary!


Hello Zachary and welcome to my yacht. I was planning on boating with my love, @Daenerys, but you got voted out first so you ruined that. Thanks a lot. Oh and happy early birthday! How are you feeling today?

three's a party! brit13


The main reason a lot of people voted you out is because of how elusive you were yesterday. Do you think that's very fair?

well tbh yes LMAO

i mean i still showed up, but was just late as fuck chi1


Alex and Cosmic were the nominees at first. If the nominations never changed, who would you have voted out and why?

probably alex because his name reminds me of alexandra burke aka a british pop icon who got dropped in the hands of simon cowell, a true travesty she deserved so much better :(


Were you in any alliances that we should know about?

LOOOOOOOL no, when i say i play these games with absolute 0 tactics i fucking mean it brit7


Even if you were, that alliance obviously failed you LMFAO! How sad is that?

good job i wasnt then moo6


I see you trying to slip me a 100 dollar bill to make me let you back into the house. I must say I like the way you think, however as you can see I am filthy rich. Meanwhile you are poor and you were the first one eliminated from the competition. I think you need that money more than me. Maybe buy yourself a birthday present? Or a bus ride home?

wow hihi we love delusion! i never offered you money slag, i just screamed at you and smacked your 10 year old rusted ugly jeep. maybe you should buy yourself a new car with all of this "money" you speak off xoxo


 You got eliminated right before the team twist began. If you had to choose, which team would you have liked to be placed on?

the team with miss sylk on because she always brings in the kiis gaycat1


Well thats all the questions I have for you! You lost. Get off my yacht.

before you go, here's me, @Simón., @Royalty, and @Urbi performing our latest smash hit!


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1 hour ago, Hannah said:

if you can't handle it get the fuck off my live chat. the only people allowed are Rexhars and bad bitches


Say you gotta bad bitch show me you can handle this btw

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1 hour ago, Maraj said:

I hate that video flsnfjsafa that girl ruined Lisa's part so bad I'm screaming giveup1 but yeah Zach will be missed!


1 hour ago, Simón. said:

Gome too early :( 

my faves hug1

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This interview was recorded prior to the triple eviction. There are some inaccuracies that do not reflect the most recent events.



Hello everyone and welcome the After Show back from the dead! Instead of interviewing the evicted houseguests and getting the same boring answers every day, I thought instead we could welcome and talk to some actual interesting, fun, and iconic players or memorable people.

With that in mind, please join me in welcoming our first guest, @Daenerys!

Hi love of my life, two time winner, and iconic BB villain. How are you on this fine day?

I'm being interviewed by you, so I'm doing amazing today, oh yes! I'm ready to shit talk these trash houseguests!


If you look to your left, you can see the crown for the winner of BB7 to wear win they win! Who do you think has the best chance at wearing that crown this season?

@Eleven. because he's been entertaining, fun to watch and not a boring bitch. He's really stepped up his game this season. I believe it's his first season not being a floater!

@Alex. as well! He's been active and he made the Cosmic Is Over Foundation and I'm a huge supporter of that foundation. It's a cause near and dear to my heart.


Very interesting! I think I may have to agree with you on that one! Now, who do you see walking out the front doors of the BB house next? Or, a more interesting question, who do you want to see walk out of the house next?

I want to see the floaters get evicted already. I mean, it's time! I want the final however many there are to be cutthroat players who will drag each other to death for the final days of the season. But after seeing @Lust's HoH nominees... I see that's not going to happen!


You and Maraj have had a....strange relationship throughout the run of the show! You tend to backstab him all the time and he falls for it every time. This season you yell over the wall and fight with him. So tell me, what do you think of my dress this evening?

It would look better on my bedroom floor!


Ok but back to Maraj, how well do you think he's doing this season? What are your thoughts on this former fan favorite?

Well, there's a reason why he's a FORMER fan favorite! He's serving me in BB4. A paranoid mess! I mean I can understand since he was backstabbed, but oh wow! He shouldn't have even trusted the people he was trusting! Has he learned nothing from my backstabbing ways?


Thoughts on other houseguests? I know this question is hard because so many of them are SO forgettable, but try your best!

Oh god, they truly are forgettable. I can't.

@Halcyon: Love him, but I want him to ruthlessly drag people.

@Diamond: He's... in the game! Was in the game when I wrote this kii!

@Hyun.: He's not that big of a fighter this season which might be good for his chances if he makes it to final 2!

Cosmic: Cosmic Is Over

@Virgin Mary: Love his new Taylor set, but he doesn't scream BB7 winner to me.

@Lust: He nominated 3 big targets which is a great move, but horrible for the game itself since boring players are still left.

@Kuba: I miss the BB6 Kuba who used to drag me.

What evicted houseguest this season do you think was evicted too early?

Okay don't have a heart attack on me, but @Hermione! Brought DRAMA, FIGHTS and BACKSTABBING back into the house! Loved to hate him! He was clearly the biggest hurdle everyone had to jump over in the game. Reminded me of me a bit, oh yes!


Remember when you used to shit on Alex 24/7? Well it seems you have changed your mind on the wiki maker! Why is that?

Yes, I'm an Alex stan! Well, we all know that I hated his annoying ass in the earlier seasons. Embarrassingly enough, I used to be a Cosmic stan. I know! But anyway, this season I didn't play and I just got to watch the players and he was surprisingly enough one of the more interesting ones! He hasn't been afraid to be vocal and drag others and I like that!


Any advice to the current players from a two time winner, which is hard to do, not everyone has that!

Right? I can't believe it (I mean I can, but!)

My advice to the current players is to make some final 3/final 2 partnerships now and STICK TO THEM! Work on getting the jury on your side now and don't piss off as many people. Don't be boring tho. The people you evict now are going to vote for you to win or vote for you to lose, so remember that.

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