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Maria 5,494


These were made by the talented @ryjapo btw.

Hello and welcome to what most would describe as either a hell hole or the most fun game on a forum. Yes, you guessed it, we're talking about Create A Label, a game where you basically manage artists under a label and write articles in order to release singles, albums, create controversies, make headlines and many more fun things! If you're a newbie and this is your first time reading this, you'll find the following paragraphs more than useful for your upcoming journey!

Ever since the game started back on season one, the standards kept on growing and growing and growing... until the game reached it's max potential! Players went from albums with no lyrics and song titles to self-producing entire albums. We had our own video streaming service, we had our own streaming platform, we basically were in our Teenage Dream era. Of course, just like Katy's number ones, these came with a price. The year of 2017 in CAL was met with many breaks caused by (Go)daddies, ankles and lack of drive from our currently retired host and hopefully future consistent player, Ron.

Which is why I decided to take over. Although I can't serve the same kind of quality right now, I am willing to dedicate myself to this and let the game live until everyone's over it (or until Ron changes his mind about hosting). Anyways, moving on from cringe stuff, let's see what this game is all about!


As mentioned, the standards are pretty high and, although we're going to a stripped version for a while, each article you post in order to promote, will be counted as long as it is over 400 words. You also cannot post more than 15 articles / week. Down below you have a tutorial about how to format your articles, which can come either in a text form or a visual form.


Together with the format, your articles should also include:

- name of the region where you're promoting (e.g. U.S., U.K., Europe, Australia, South America - SA, Asia)
- title of the article (e.g. Christina Aguilera talks new album on Alan Carr; Christina Aguilera on BBC Radio 1, etc.)
- at least one image (it can be whatever, a candid or your artist, a picture of them performing etcetera)
- the article itself
- in case of a visual article, the text version needs to be included underneath the picture (can be posted in a spoiler or via shrib). 




This is the replacement for CAL Tube, Encore, Kworb and CAL Twitter. Currently, the site has its own flaws and we have only charts for WW iTunes singles, albums, radio, the CALBOARD album and singles charts (which are the end of the week ones), the artists section and the news section (where you'll be getting your GP reactions momentarily). In the following weeks, I am going to add, little by little new things (the calendar, streaming, regional iTunes charts, a section for videos are what I am working on right now). Also, the iTunes & CALTube banners are replaced by the big banner on the front section and the 'NEW RELEASES' one.




These bitches ain't going nowhere! Meet your corporations:


@Warner Music Group 

@Sony Music 

@Universal Music Group

Starting today, they will give you a monthly budget based on your overall performance. For now, you don't have to send every song you're planning to release to your corp. However, you will have to send a schedule at least one week beforehand you start your promotional campaign. Besides corporations, we have a few members who are not signed with one, hence the following prices for independent labels:



  • Single Release- USA Release- $500k
  • Single Release- UK Release- $300k
  • Single Release- Asian Release- $200k
  • Single Release- Europe Release- $200k
  • Single Release- Australian Release- $150k
  • Single Release- South American Release- $50k




Digital Only

  • Album Release- USA Release- $2M
  • Album Release- UK Release- $1M
  • Album Release- Asian Release- $800k
  • Album Release- Europe Release- $500k
  • Album Release- Australian Release- $300k
  • Album Release- South American Release- $100k



 Physical Only

  • Album Release- USA Release- $2M
  • Album Release- UK Release- $1M
  • Album Release- Asian Release- $1.5M
  • Album Release- Europe Release- $1.3M
  • Album Release- Australian Release- $800k
  • Album Release- South American Release- $300k




Send Single to Radio - $1m



  • Encore- $300k per single/ $3m per album
  • Google Play- $50k per single/ $200k per album
  • Tidal- $10k per single/ $200k per album





Meet another account associated with the game:
@CAL Business
After your corps gives you the budget, you will be able to book some paid promo slots via CAL Business in order to give a boost to your material released. Radio shows and everything that is NOT on the calendar is free and does not require a CALB PM. However, deals with big companies (Coca Cola, Google, any make-up or clothing brand etc.) and take-overs (hosting a tv show for a specific day or a radio take-over for a specific number of hours) must be made via CALB, otherwise they will not count as paid promo. Every request must be sent individually to CALB and every players has the right to contact them 3 times (in case they are signed under a corp) or 5 times (in case they are independent). 



Brought to the game by our elusive ex-host, Ronlop, this feature is basically putting all the songs from the top 40 of iTunes in a randomizer and the winner will get either a boost in sales / streams or a negative effect. I will do this once every week, in a Rabbit room, in front of everyone, using this website.


@Bleachella / Lorde (UMG)
@Jon. / Mariah Carey (UMG), Evan Peters (Independent), Taylor Swift (WMG)
@8Bit Heart / Beyonce (Independent), Xylon (Independent)
@Harry_CAL / Lana Del Rey (SONY), The Weeknd (WMG)
@tigerlily13 / Emma Roberts (UMG), Camilla Cabello (WMG), Zayn (Independent)
@Hector / Belinda (Independent), Britney Spears (SONY), Ariana Grande (WMG), Brendon Urie (WMG), Maluma (WMG)
@Robert. / Maxence (WMG)
@Edu / Lindsay Lohan (UMG), Tinashe (WMG)
@Lucky17 / Christina Millian (UMG), Celine Dion (Independent)
@Harry Styles / Harry Styles (SONY), Cruel Youth (WMG)
@Love So Soft / Kelly Clarkson (SONY), Darren Criss (WMG)
@ryjapo / Florence Welch (Independent), CaKe (Independent), Sam Smith (Independent)
@Anitta / Lily Allen (WMG), Marina & The Diamonds (WMG)
@Surrealism / Zendaya (WMG)
@Beauty Queen / Halsey (WMG)
@Cosmic / Charli XCX (WMG)
@RebelHeart15 / Madonna (WMG), Shawn Mendes (WMG)
@Joanne / Lady Gaga (WMG)
@LustForLife / Karlie Kloss (WMG)
@Ronlop / Jessie J (WMG)

@Royalty / Kylie Jenner (WMG)


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After a tumultuous, eventful and long career as the CEO of one of the biggest music corporation in the world, Leona Fluella has decided to quit her job. The announcement was made this morning, on the Sony Music website, where Leona expressed her apologies towards her colleagues and the rest of the team. She also states, proudly, that "I have found my true meaning in life" and "you will hear from me very soon". Could this be a clue that the business woman is going to finally make her debut in music? Seems like we will find out very soon!


Fluella was the CEO of Sony Music, one of the most important and impactful corporations, which has signed artists like Lana Del Rey, Kelly Clarkson and even Harry Styles. This summer, they went through a rough battle against the ex-pop star, Belinda, in which they ended up victoriously. We have tried to reach to rep for both Sony Music and Leona Fluella but we've got no response so far. Stay tuned for more news!


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Maria 5,494
4 minutes ago, Voldemort said:

@Virgin Mary Do I have Katy to VFD Recordings? 


Also, yay, can’t wait to release new music with Katy. Good luck hosting btw. 

Yes, WMG will send a contract soon. :)

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