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Best of 2017, FOTP DECIDES: Your favorite pop girl album of the year [Nominations thread]

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Ok, so i have this idea of a year-end type of thing specifically made for FOTP by FOTPers, where each FOTPer get to pick his/her/their fav pop girl album of the year..

here's how i'm planning to do it:

in this thread each member will nominate ONLY one album to be pop girl album of the year, Just one u hos. You have til Dec. 27th to make up your mind

i will collect each and every nomination in here and whatever album gets the most nominations win.

results will be revealed once i collect votes after the deadline... 

i didn't want to have popular albums in a poll and force it on y'all to vote because some members might nominate albums i personally don't know of, especially by obscure indie artists and what not.. ny9 so yeah, in your post you will NOMINATE ONLY ONE ALBUM. 

No male albums.. scratch that

no albums by female bands

No EPs.. i want alberms

****** Albums HAVE TO BE released in a date from like Q4 of 2016-to- Q4 of 2017*******

You can pick from here too : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_2017_albums

Get into it downstairs.


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1 minute ago, KingOfTheClouds said:

I vote we do a male version too

this is thread for pop girls, i will make one for pop guys too if u want... i will have multiple threads to cover every category i can think of, not just this one, y'all can chill, omg

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1 hour ago, Devil Pray said:

 Dua Lipa - Lipa Dua mOcUrII.gif


59 minutes ago, KingOfTheClouds said:

I nominate Demi Lovato- Tell Me You Love Me


8 minutes ago, Dan said:



2 minutes ago, RepuTAYtion said:

reputation sass5

Just to keep things tidy...


Thanks guys wub1 

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2 hours ago, Chris Morlock said:

Kesha - Rainbow (Official Album Cover).pngMarilyn Manson - Heaven Upside Down.pngKelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life (Official Album Cover).pngTove Lo - Blue Lips.pngEvanescence - Synthesis.png

MM is a guy, this is only for pop girls, Plus nominate only one album pls.

1 hour ago, Station to Station said:

Lady Gaga - Joanne

Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa

Taylor Swift - Reputation

Lorde - Melodrama



Nominate only one album.

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