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Hunty Bear

Reycism: The Year in Reyview, 2017 Edition

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Welcome to the 3rd annual Reycism: The Year In Reyview year-end thread! 2017 was a fantastic year for music (especially compared to 2016 💅 Sorry Not Sorry.m4a), so it'd be a disservice to the quality of the music released this year for us to opt out of hosting another year-end thread!

Unfortunately, @Americunt decided to opt out of making a year-end list this year, so it's just gonna be @Lachlan @Andres and I showcasing our 2017 year-ends this year. We'll be updating this thread with new entries on a daily basis until the end of the year, so feel free to tune in every day as each of us unveil our top albums of the year in this thread! 💋 and that's sincerely ciara.gif!




@Mint @Jake @Anna-wa @Lust @Mystique @Vilppu @Liam @Venus XCX @Urbi and anyone else who may be interested!


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I'm gonna be unveiling my Top 20 AOTYs in order of their release in this thread! No EPs made the cut unfortunately , but the music released this year took a titanic shit on last year's fodder bar a few, so expect higher quality! *Click on each album icon for their respective entry post* 💋



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TOP 20

20. After Laughter - Paramore

19. Something to Tell You - HAIM

18. Ultralife - Oh Wonder

17. Truth Is a Beautiful Thing - London Grammar

16. Ison - Sevdaliza

15. FEELS - Snoh Aalegra

14. Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa

13. Rainbow - Kesha


11. Lover - George Maple

10. I See You - The xx

9. Process - Sampha

8. Perennial - Vera Blue

7. MASSEDUCTION - St Vincent

6. Harry Styles - Harry Styles

5. Utopia - Björk


3. Take Me Apart - Kelela

2. Lust for Life - Lana Del Rey

1. Melodrama - Lorde



Like a Woman - Kacy Hill

Number 1 Angel - Charli XCX

Crawl Space - Tei Shi

Tell Me You Love Me - Demi Lovato

Meaning of Life - Kelly Clarkson


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1 minute ago, Hunty Bear said:

I was gonna use that site that you recommended to me for graphics but it's too late so I'm just rushing rn jj4 but we'll definitely be starting soon!

the banner's cute though simplicity won

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2 minutes ago, Hunty Bear said:

oh @Andres made that wendy1 ik you're going through a rough spot w Lana atm but preemptive notice: they'll be a lot of her this year!

I'm fine with being the only person who doesn't use that album as long as the five songs I like are recognised as highlights.


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BbFVb5O.png  qwGpKHX.png


#HuntySUGGESTS: All About Me, Shake Em Off, Insecurities


This album didn't really impress me at first, but it really proved to be one of the more interesting and forward-thinking debuts released in 2017 by the year's end in my opinion. The production is a little tinny at times, but the jazzy cadence that guides this album helps this album find its footing by obscuring the lines between traditional R&B and neo-soul, and I also found it kinda cool to see her challenge the heteronormative culture that has been fostered in R&B and hip-hop in general, especially because she's clearly very (very, very 👀) gay and really just glides into the role of the "male voyeur" observing the female character with relative ease. This album isn't necessarily immediate either, as I had to listen to it in its entirety several times before really being able to appreciate the dissonant and slinky R&B direction that she cultivated on the album, especially on the lowkey and glacial Smile More and the relatively weightless closer, Insecurities. It really is a curious project overall, and she also released a cool 3-track appendage to Fin in September, titled Always Never Home, which also makes this era a more satisfying experience!

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EAdTIia.png  sqro8r8.png




This album was made out by many to be Joey Bada$$' big political statement, but in my opinion, it frankly doesn't really add much to the conversation and it doesn't really approach the topics of race relations and systematic oppression in creative ways outside of Y U DON'T LOVE ME?. Still, I admire how politically heavy-handed this album is and Joey's flow on this album is slick and incredible as always. The beats are a little softer than they were on B4.DA.$$, but it's still a very polished and well-orchestrated product, and its instrumentation is understated yet lush, pivoting more towards the tender, jazz-inflected approach to rap that made the golden-age of hip-hop so noteworthy. I wish that this album's lyrics were more a little  subversive and less sanitized, because aside from the various personal attacks on Donald Tr*mp, I didn't really feel as though he's really saying anything that wasn't already a part of the public's collective thought. Still a great project from an awesome rap talent overall, though.

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