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Chapter Three: It All Comes Back Around

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It was now the third day. Only one remained until Adele would vanquish the darkness that surrounded the Pop Kingdom. The FOTPers all let out a sigh of relief knowing that their hardship was almost at an end, but inside, there was a general feeling festering; a sense that today would be the most difficult yet. The FOTPers were now split into six separate groups looking for some crazy way to escape the darkness. But it’s true when they tell you that life is a pendulum; it really does all come back around.

The first group was led by Dua Lipa. Dua promised her group of FOTPers that they could stay safe by joining her at the Garden of Dreams. It was a long trek from the beach, over the hills again, through the country fields, to finally reach the special location. Truth be told, some of the group were beginning to feel a little Homesick. It was then they began to hear splashing from the nearest river; it was like a group of sea life at the Mississippi.

Suddenly another group of FOTPers got off the boat at the river’s edge and joined up with Lipa’s group. The blonde girl stepped forward and spoke; “Who the fuck are you?” Dua responded, “Who the fuck are you?” After a few punches were thrown, extensions were ripped, and tears fell from the sensitive FOTPers eyes, the two ladies finally reconciled. “I’m Zara. We’re here to perform a Symphony at Sundown to give Adele more power.” Dua re-introduced herself and explained their reasoning for being here. She let Zara know that there was Room For 2 here, and that they should perform together because they’d be Bad Together. Zara agreed stating that she Would Like that.

It was Sundown. After a quick costume change, the girls stepped out ready to perform. “OH. EM. GEE”, Zara shouted, “is that MY top you’re wearing?” Dua looked at her confused, and then replied, “ohh… no wonder it stinks!”. “EXCUSE YOU. IT AIN’T MY FAULT…”, Zara attempted to respond before she was interrupted. After a little more hair-tugging, the girls began the performance. And like clockwork, a portal opened above the stage. While nothing could be seen, they suddenly heard a voice.

“Hello. It’s me. I’m sorry for giving you all the Cold Shoulder. Thank you for taking a trip down the River Lea and Sending Me Your Love. Listen carefully, my little Daydreamers, the darkness is approaching swiftly. I need you all to return to the Member Village in all your Hometown Glory. I will meet you there tomorrow and we will expel the darkness with our Sweetest Devotion. In the meantime, I will send you some allies there to help you, and inform the other groups of their new task. Goodbye. I Miss You.” With that, Adele’s voice disappeared, and the group of FOTPers waited for the allies to arrive.

Suddenly, a light shone backstage. The FOTPers rushed behind the curtains to see a golden lamp on the ground, shaking. Within a swift flash of light, a female appeared from the object and spoke to the group, “I feel like I’ve been locked up tight for a century of lonely nights; like a Genie in a Bottle”.  The group appeared star struck. “I’m sure you already know my name”, the figure continued, “but if you don’t, it’s Christina Aguilera. You may have not asked me to Say Something, but I’m not going to Walk Away. They told me that You Got Trouble and need to get back to the Member Village by Monday Morning. Well, you can now feel Blessed that I am here to help. I believe in a Love For All Seasons and therefore, we should head there through the woods overnight. Join with me and we will mark a Beautiful new entry into this Blank Page.”

It was like a fairytale; first a magical genie. What was next? A majestic beehive? A pirate ship? A uni… A UNICORN? Looking up at the sky, the FOTPers saw a light of rainbow colors and a female figure on a Unicorn; “ride, ride pony, ride, ride” she screamed. On the ground below, most of the FOTPers recognized the female above, “YAAAAAAS GAGA” they shouted.  As the unicorn finally landed on the garden’s soil, Gaga rose and spoke to the group as she was met with cheers and screams, “Hello Monsters. I love you all. But for now, I need you to be Speechless and listen to what I need to tell you. Then you can Do What U Want. I heard from Adele that there is an evil Dancing in the Dark and she came to me with her Sinner’s Prayer and a Million Reasons for me to save you. My Diamond Heart refused to allow another Angel Down, and so I am here. We can ride as free as our Hair on my Highway Unicorn, and I will deliver you to the Member Village. Come to Mama!”

Like clockwork, a thunderstorm struck from the sky and a ship manifested in the nearest dock. A female figured stepped off the boat and walked towards the group; “Let Me hold your attention for FourFiveSeconds. I received an SOS call from Adele and was told you Needed Me to come here. That Bitch. I had to take time out of my vacation for this shit. She Better Have My Money.  Yeah, I Said It. Well, whatever. Okay, listen up you Desperadoes. We gonna Ride out this port on my ship, go to Member Village and Get It Over With. You either come with me, Mother Mary over there or the other bitch. So Shut Up and choose. Right fucking Now. Don’t worry about the storm, we’ll be alright as long as we have our Umbrellas!”

As the thunder raged on one side of the kingdom, the other side had nothing but sunshine and heat… unbearable heat. The group that had chosen to follow Kesha had left the beach and were now at some sort of canyon location, and they were all Hungover as fuck. The sun was Blinding, the heat was scorching, and their Boogie Feet were beginning to hurt. Kesha had somehow disappeared and there was still no sign of the Dinosaur. Drained, all they could think about is how horrendous it would be to Die Young. Suddenly, there came a massive sonic crash. At the other end of the narrow path, they finally saw Godzilla… in a rampage. Kesha sat on his head like a Warrior princess. At first, the FOTPers were relieved… until they realized what was about to happen. “I guess you didn’t take me for a Backstabber. There’ll be no Prayers here today, you’re not getting Out Alive”, Kesha screamed.  Within two minutes, everyone had been stomped flat; into the ground six feet under.

The group that put their trust in Kesha were stabbed in the back and stomped flat. Their souls will soon be collected by the Wings of Dawn, and their names will be added to the Naughty List. The prizes for the Nice List and punishments for the Naughty List will be revealed collectively on Christmas Day.

The evil had so far been left unchecked and it was up to the group that followed Camila Cabello to investigate the truth behind the rumors. After breaking into the shack to where they were mysteriously given directions, the group began to look for clues. “I Have Questions that need answered. Look for anything with a bit of backstory; anything that reveals The Hurting, The Healing, and The Loving,” she instructed. “OMG”, she screamed as she found a diary in one of the drawers. She began reading it, “He didn’t walk up with that, ‘how you doin’: The Hurting”. She started pacing around the room. “I had to tell him, I had to go: The Healing”. She then walked into the room next door but was still audible. Suddenly, her voice changed; “And this is the part where Taylor told me… to do some Bad Things,” and with that, the glass windows around the cabana shattered causing everyone to bleed out internally. “Isn’t life Incredible”, she cackled.

The group that went to investigate the great evil were deceived and splintered by Camila Cabello. Their souls will soon be collected by the Wings of Dawn, and their names will be added to the Naughty List. The prizes for the Nice List and punishments for the Naughty List will be revealed collectively on Christmas Day.

In another corner of the Pop Kingdom were four girls; Normani, Dinah Jane, Lauren and Ally, known as Fifth Harmony, and the group that followed them. They were tasked with building a bridge to help Adele arrive sooner. Everyone had been picking up their Sledgehammers, and Squeezing all their effort into making this work. The one thing that kept them going was knowing that it was Gonna Get Better eventually. There was No Way they would let their fellow FOTPers down; they were going to make sure they Delivered. And so, they did. Before long, the bridge had been built and the sound of Adele’s voice rang throughout the area. Adele informed them of the current situation and told the group to sit tight and wait for her allies to arrive.

Three females began walking across the other end of the bridge towards the group. The first female stepped forward, and spoke, “Hello, My Babies.” The words didn’t match her lip movements, so the group assumed it was a pre-recording. “My name is Britney Spears. That’s really cool, huh? I heard there’s an evil or something. That’s very terrible. Well I was told What You Need is me. I’m really interesting, I was told. So here is my Invitation to you all; you don’t need to Get Naked coz I Got a Plan. We can Get Back to the Member Village through the sewers. I have my Radar right here. Very good, right? Do You Wanna Come Over, Boys?”

Suddenly one of the other females stepped forward and flipped the switch on Britney’s back. “That’s much better. Do shut up Honey”. “Hello, little Butterflies. I am your Hero; Mariah Carey. I know that you are Almost Home and I am here to give My All to ensure you are Triumphant in your goal”. With that, she heard the next lady snicker behind her; “Oh Iggy, why are you so Obsessed with me?”, she questioned. “Swish Swish bish”, was the response. “Whatever. I Don’t even”, Mariah continued, “I know that most of you Don’t Know What To Do, but I do. Can you see The Star in the distance? That’s the way to go. Come with me because We Belong Together.”

The moment she had finished speaking, the other girl began her speech, “Alright, Check It Out. I’m Nicki Minaj and I’m the Best person to follow; not that Stupid Hoe.” Suddenly Mariah spoke up, “Bleak”. Nicki responded, “listen bitch, this is your Last Chance…” before she was interrupted by Mariah again, “Up Out My Face, Azealia”. Suddenly the two ladies got into a scuffle, knocking the switch on Britney’s back again. She spoke up, “Did everyone try the chicken? I thought the chicken was lovely.” When the ladies had calmed down, Nicki began again; “We don’t need No Frauds or Anacondas here today. Myself, I’m no Marilyn Monroe, but I do own a car. Together, we’ll go Va Va Voom down the HOV Lane, making our way to Member Village in a Blaze of glory.” Everyone looked at Britney, but she seemed as confused as ever. Nicki closed her statement, “Dear Old Nicki will help you all home so make sure you’re Right By My Side.”

The fate of four groups had already been decided. Only one remained. The group that followed Kelly Clarkson decided to Let Their Tears Fall, Underneath the holy Tree. After imagining what it would be like if their faves never got another #1 single ever again, tears were flooding the entire area. Suddenly, the tree split open and a portal appeared in the sky. Adele could now be heard in this area. She spoke to the group and informed them of the situation and also assigned them their next mission; making sure They’ll Be Home For Christmas.

Three ladies then began approaching the final group from the junctions around the City Centre. The first of these stepped forward and spoke to the group, “Hello. I Am… Beyoncé. I’m sure that many of you have heard that I’m a Diva or an Egotist. But Honestly, I Care about you. Adele said that you all need to Start Over and return to the Member Village. That’s why I’m here to Be With You, today. My bees have formed a grand Formation; in the shape of a Rocket. We can use them to get you home. We’ll travel all day and All Night. You’ll come with me, Yes?”

“Okay, Wendy Williams, Don’t Preach, now”, the older woman said. “Not to get you all Hung Up, but my name is Madonna. I’ve been told that I’m a Material Girl. I also heard that most of you are Virgins. Some of you really need to get Into the Groove. Have a Gang Bang or something…”, the FOTPers were all silent, and a little stunned. “Anyway, I know that your Holiday isn’t going well but the good news is there’s still a Ray of Light… literally. It’s right there in the sky. I know that Kelly or Kerry or whatever her name was requires your help, so you can Celebrate now that I’m your Lucky Star. It may take more than 4 Minutes, but we’ll follow that Ray of Light to get you home.”

“Is it my turn?”, the other lady asked. “Hiya, I’m P!nk. You know, I’ve been called many things over the years; Trouble, M!ssundaztood, a Stupid Girl… but Today’s The Day I redeem myself. I Am Here because I heard about your Beautiful Trauma. I put my faith in a Crystal Ball and it told me that the one you’re looking for is currently trapped inside a Funhouse. I think that should be Where We Go. I know I might be a bit Boring, but I hope that, For Now, you will make me a little bit less of a Lonely Girl. Please Don’t Leave Me.”

Each of the remaining alive groups now has THREE options. You must pick ONE of the three options that correlate to the group you were in. This is the last day of decision-making and will finalize the shape of your Butterfly Effect. Use your instinct and pick wisely. You have 24 hours to make your decision. Tomorrow will hold the closing chapter and the end results. Post your decision in this thread. Which path will you choose:


Option 1: Trek through the woods with Christina Aguilera
Option 2: Ride on a Highway Unicorn with Lady Gaga
Option 3: Journey through the waters on Rihanna’s pirate ship

Option 1:
Go Out From Under the sewers with Britney Spears
Option 2: Follow the guiding star with Mariah Carey
Option 3: Drive down the HOV Lane in Nicki Minaj’s car


Option 1: Use Beyoncé’s Bee-Rocket to fly home
Option 2: Follow the ray of light with Madonna
Option 3: Investigate the Funhouse with P!nk

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RihannaRTT    79,066

GROUP A - Dua Lipa & Zara Larsson
@Alex. @BEAUX @Billie @Chapman. @Habits @Hyun. @Kaulitz. @Mr.Gorgeous @Sean @The One Below All


GROUP B - Fifth Harmony
@Luca @Mando @Mystique


GROUP C - Kelly Clarkson

@Chris Morlock @Entea @Onyx @Zachary


THE GHOST TYPES - Kesha & Camila Cabello rip1

@Aidan. @Chris Pratt @Count Olaf @Party Monster @Semicircle @Shiver @SWINΞ


Congratulations to the three groups that made it through to Day 3. Today is the FINAL day of decision making. Put your all into sleuthing out this mystery. You, again, have 24 more hours to make your decisions. Hopefully none of you make the same mistakes the others did. I wish you all the best of luck! To those who got stomped flat or completely shattered, we'll see you tomorrow as well, for some punishment. That'll happen, also, in 24 hours. See you then. Merry Christmas. 



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S&Maniac    24,396

Screaming at the story (especially Britney's part rip2)

The last chapter was hard for me, although I figured out Kesha was the death trap because of Taylor's involvement with her case. wendy1


lemme stream Symphony now cloud1

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RihannaRTT    79,066
Just now, BEAUX said:

"All snakes can swim" wendy4

Oh, shiiiiit, I was NOT READY for that answer. kylie2


What do you mean by "it all comes back around"? what is the thing that we have to see again? the serpentine slut?


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BEAUX    15,727
Just now, RihannaRTT said:

And for those who didn't get the second chapter title moo1 



i love katy and i never knew this song existed.. lemme check it out

i've never even used this album..

'Growing pains' sounds like a mary j blige album or sth, lol lol2 

now i get it, the titles are katy-themed.. clap3 

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