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6 hours ago, Peytonfan18 said:

Someone at work brought a cake to work and my diet didn’t want me to do the cake thing and I said you gotta let me do the CAAAAAAAKE!

I ended up not eating any though.. 

Gurl you deserve a little cake sometimes :)

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On 8/21/2018 at 1:41 PM, Sylk said:
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Thanks king!

It's not super long now, but it's the longest it has ever been! I washed my hair just last night and it was such fucking hard work wtf dead7 But tea I only wash my hair 2/3 days! sia1

I think I'm still a while before getting the ends trimmed though? when do u think I should get that done? oprah12

Also thanks about the conditioner tip I started noticing my hair getting greasy recently so I thought it might've been the conditioner cause I really wasn't using that much rip3 but i get it now!


honestly i don't even trim mine that often the last time i did it was like 3 months ago sksksks. do it when you feel like your ends are too dry/split

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