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After the contestants of the show performed, the host then came to the stage and he was holding a cardboard from Brendon’s new album “Growing Up and Moving On” and he showed it to the camera while he smiled and then said “Hello everyone! How are you feeling? [Laughs] Now we have a really special guest tonight with us. He’s a Grammy winner, has achieved a #1 debut album, two #1 singles and has sold over 20M records worldwide.. Now, here to perform his latest #1, please welcome Brendon Urie!” and he smiles to the camera once again and shows the album cover as the image was now fading to black. Then the screen is black and you then see a spotlight turning on slowly, and Brendon’s there looking to the floor and then he starts singing the chorus of the song in acapella showcasing his incredible vocals as he then ended the song, he did a high note and you could hear the audience clapping and then the stage was all dark and the LED screen behind him turned on and you could see some visuals appearing as electric lightnings and raining sound begun to be heard and “Heart At The Door” begun. Then the stage lights up and you see Brendon being in the middle of the stage and he starts to sing the first verse of the song and the music video for the song then started to be played on the background but in bits showcing Britney’s parts of the video as Brendon was now walking through the stage and singing, the band behind Brendon starts to be shown and you could see now the floor being filled up with smoke as Brendon was now walking through the stage singnig and belting some verses of the song. The whole mood changes once again as the new verse of the song begins and the whole stage is black again and the spotlight is over Brendon once again, he then keeps singing and once the chorus kicks in Brendon starts belting the chorus and the whole stage lights up creating a very vivid light show. The camera then showed Brendon’s face and then the audience who was feeling the song and singing along with Brendon and the judges having a great time as well and being very focused on Brendon’s vocals. Brendon is then seen now walking towards the judges table and he starts singing to them, he reaches out for the hand of one of the judges and then sings the song to her and then goes away and the whole stage lights up for the last chorus of the song beginning. Brendon is seen spinning as the lights of the stage wehre going crazy and goingon and off according to the beat of the song and he then belts the high note of the song while the camera shows his fance while he does it and confetti is being thrown for the perfect ending of it. The performance then ends and you see Brendon having smiling and waving to the audience and the camera shows the audience and everyone was on their feet clapping for Brendon. The host of the show then comes in and congratulates Brendon for the performance and reminds everyone on the audience to pre-order Brendon’s new album, to stream his music on Encore and to get his brand new single “Heart At The Door” then you see then talking to each other as the show is fading to black and the commercial break starts once again and the show now ends.


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20 minutes ago, tigerlily13 said:



Please include in your articles a FOTP text title in the top/bottom like "Camila on Jimmy Kimmel" or something so I'll be able to easily search for articles that way later on :)


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11 minutes ago, Ronlop said:

Please include in your articles a FOTP text title in the top/bottom like "Camila on Jimmy Kimmel" or something so I'll be able to easily search for articles that way later on :)


Done, I have updated list if you need it 

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Christina Milian has released her long-awaited album ‘Livid’ this past Friday, after several months of a pushback‘s worth due to her pulmonary hypertension condition - a condition which puts one’s heart function at a lower capacity and increases chances of heart failure. The album was introduced to the world in late-October of last year with the minimal and semi-experimental single “L.M.K. (Let Me Know)” which featured Dreezy. The track would go onto become Milian’s second #1 hit, selling over 2million copies worldwide to-date despite only getting a few week’s worth of promotion. Along with the release of the album, Milian and her team would service out a new single to radio, which would serve as the album’s second official single. “Liquor”, which was produced by DJ Mustard and Milian herself, as begun to hit the airwaves and has shown great potential to become another radio hit for Milian, who has developed quite the reputation for radio panelists, all while constantly switching up her sound and lyrical approach. The new single debuted at #3 on Radio this past weekend, making it the #1 solo song on Radio. It’s already garnered 4.100 spins and over 7.44million audience impressions, hinting that if Milian and her team play their cards right, they may be able to achieve Milian’s fifth consecutive Global Radio Smash single, which no other artist has accomplished - let alone four. Milian would hit up POWER 106FM, which is the biggest Rhythmic station on the West Coast. The station is located in Los Angeles, which was great for Milian considering she resides in L.A. and her condition prevents her from traveling. Staying in the area, Milian would hit up 93.5 KDay to discuss the new album, new single and other things.

“Production was something that from the start of conceptualizing this album stood out to me as something I wanted to take more control of. On ‘Self Service’ I only produced the intro and on ‘Quote Me On It.’ I co-produced a few tracks. Here with ‘Livid’ I’ve co-produced four songs, two of which are the first two singles - ‘Let Me Know’ and ‘Liquor’. It’s crazy to think that I’ve co-produced a #1 song… it’s something that I’m incredibly proud of, and it keeps me motivated to keep working on producing. […] Well sonically I feel like I’ve had so many evolutions throughout my career, especially with my past four albums when you look at them back-to-back-to-back-to-back — they’re all quite different from each other. While ‘Livid’ has different types of music, the standard issue of the album is predominantly R&B. There’s only one song I would say is a lot more Dance-Pop on the standard which is ‘Hang’ — all the other songs, ten of eleven, have different kinds of R&B flavors to them. The spectrum of R&B is very interesting. On a track like ‘Let Me Know’ we have minimal Electro and Trap influences, on a track like ‘Expand It’ we’ve got some Pop going on, ‘Blasé’ has a gritty Hip-Hop element to it — I wanted to show range. After examining my first three albums, I noticed that a lot of the music is more or so the same. There’s so many different moods, different emotions that were expressed on this album vocally and lyrically, and I wanted the backing music to really match what each experience within my relationship had sounded like. I got to work with so many new producers that I haven’t linked up with before such as Jam City, Syndrome, Harmony Samuels… just a lot of incredible people that really helped me channel these different feelings to who I owe a lot of credit.”

“I usually have a pretty substantial amount of collaborators on my albums, with ‘Quote Me On It.’ being an exception. That album, being that I had incorporated interludes and a track originally recorded in 2009, I really wanted to shine on my own and keep the majority of the record solo. I was blessed enough to have Jeremih join me on ‘Secrets’ — which was a highlight off that album for me — but with ‘Livid’ I wanted to go back to collaborating with people more. Just like the production has a wide range on this album, I have a pretty nice mix of collaborators: there are three rappers, one versatile-pop artist and one DJ/producer who creates sick Euro-like music. What I’m really excited to vocalize about these collaborators is that two of them are women, which to me really brings a more divine touch to the album… I mean c’mon, who doesn’t love a divine woman? Would you say no to that? [laughs] […] The songs I did with Maxence and Jax Jones were such gems and I just couldn’t let them go because I fell in love with the songs entirely, so that gave me much more reason to create a Deluxe issue for this record. Those songs aren’t relationship-specific as all the Standard issued songs are, but I felt the content on each one was very relevant to who I am as a lover in general. Aside from them I have Latin-flavored tracks ‘Unforgivable’ — which y’all got to hear a while ago — and ‘Hands’, which is a more intimate track. On the standard I place my songs with Dreezy, Dave East and Remy Ma, who all blew the fucking lid off with their verses and vocals. I chose the three of them specifically because they all as artists have very different approaches to how they write and spit, as well as different energies about how they carry themselves. Dreezy is very youthful and fresh, Dave has lots of grit and isn’t afraid to get explicit, Remy is just a fucking savage, y’all already know. The three songs sound quite different from each other and are lyrically in different lanes, while sounding like they belong on the same album. It just felt so… right, with all these songs.”

“Selecting ‘Liquor’ as the next single was a no-brainer for me. DJ Mustard and I have had this song produced since the start of the Summer last year, and the two us immediately knew that what we had on our hands was a mf ANTHEM. I also gotta shoutout Benjamin Levin and Antonio Hardy for co-writing the song with us because they definitely brought so much flavor to the verses that I felt hit the maximum potential for how great this track could turn out to be. I feel like after ‘Let Me Know’ I wanted to put out a track that was a lot more uptempo and had more of a sass/kick to it. […] When I’m picking my singles to me I trust my instincts enough with what will do well and what won’t. I won’t even try to be elusive and say I don’t follow radio trends — I don’t listen to radio often, so I wouldn’t even know what the trends or hot sounds at the time would/wouldn’t be. It’s usually my friends and my team that tell me ‘Hm… you sure about this Tina?’ or ‘This is HOT’ — I always follow my gut though. There were a lot of people that didn’t believe ‘Hometown’ would even get out to be successful on radio; the same thing goes for ‘Secrets’ and ‘Get It Wrong’, which I thought did well. The same thing happened with ‘Let Me Know’ due to its minimalistic production. At the end of the day, I’m just trying to preview my album to people out there in the best way that I can and for me that’s showing variety between lyrical approaches/topics, different sounds and different vocal techniques. And with ‘Liquor’ things feel right because although my life’s kind of been at a rocky place these past few months, I’ve been starting to develop a routine and releasing this album has been a huge boost in morale and happiness for me. I’m sure no one wants to hear Christina Milian’s songs crying on the radio all year long. [laughs] I know what the people want and they want those good bops, so that’s what we gon deliver!”

“One thing I noticed going into this album launch was how different fanbases from the 2000s and fanbases from the now are. Back then, our fans would pull up physically to all your television performances, all your CD signings, all your concerts, all your interviews and they would always show love through like shooting emails or mailing things to a P.O. Box. Nowadays, everything’s really online, which during ‘Self Service’ and ‘Quote Me On It.’ I had talked a lot about with my team. Something that the hardcore fans love to do is request your singles like crazy to radio stations, and another thing they do is stream your songs on repeat. I’m telling you these fans are so crazy, I myself have seen threads and threads on Twitter telling people ‘Oh, goodnight guys, make sure you stream Zipper tonight with your phone off while you’re asleep!’ or something like that. [cracks up] And I was just thinking ‘BUT THEY CAN’T EVEN LISTEN TO THE SONG IF THEY’RE SLEEPING WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!” until my team actually educated me on streaming and all that. See, this is what happens when you’re thirty-something. [laughs] So I had this idea when we were doing the rounds for ‘Get It Wrong’ to reward people who were requesting the song on radio. I figured ‘You know what these fans are crazy as fuck’ but I wanted to show them that I do pay attention to their efforts for me and that I appreciate them. The contest to my surprise went REALLY well and the fans have been asking me since to do more of them and so when we put out ‘Let Me Know’ and ‘Unforgivable’ we did those contest-like stuff again. In fact, we’re going to meet one hundred fans tonight at a secret location here in L.A. to do a special album release party. I’ve flown them from all different places in the world and we’re just going to turn up. I’ve been so inspired by these fan contests and the reaction to them — we’re going to do many, many more throughout the year.”

“I spend a lot of time watching TV nowadays, from all different sorts of programs. Thursday nights ABC has me heart — TGIT is where the fuck it’s at. I mean Kerry Washington? Viola Davis? In the same night? You KNOW I’m cracking out the popcorn and wine every week religiously for those ladies. […] Yeah! Céline and I actually guest-starred on How To Get Away With Murder in 2016. The experience was amazing; I’d totally do it again when I have everything with myself settled. […] I love Say Yes To The Dress, House Hunters — both local and International, i started watching The Four recently, I got Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso and BoJack Horseman on Netflix. My daughter loves to watch The Great British Baking Show so we do that together on the weekends. Other than that I’m at the gym putting in overtime because I really have to strengthen my body this year, I’ve been learning how to bake some new things, and I’ve been journaling. None of them compare to dropping an album, TRUST ME. [smiles and takes a sip of drink] […] I’ve definitely been keeping up with music just because there are so many amazing people putting out great music right now. Tinashe’s latest songs ‘No Drama’ and ‘Faded Love’ have been on repeat nonstop for me. I love everything Cardi B’s put out over the past years and I shift through her mixtapes along with the new singles she’s put out. I know Justine Skye, Busta Rhymes, Mya, Kelela and SZA have all been putting things out recently that I’m semi-obsessed with. I’m so excited for more new music to be flowing in and just to be a part of things — kind of — again."


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Count Olaf    3,093
8 hours ago, Bleachella said:

hey guys

I’m probably not going to be online as much for the next few days. a girl I used to know was hit by a car on Thursday and she was declared brain dead yesterday and i just found out this afternoon. I’ve known for a few years now and though we were never close, as you can imagine it’s a really big shock to me because it’s something that’s really difficult to wrap my head around. so if you see me around less for a little bit that’s probably why.


please keep her family in your prayers. there’s a gofundme which is alocated to her family and all medical costs, if you can spare something please do so.



love you guys x

ohmygawd. im praying for her xx hope she gets better

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ADELE joins Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show

Adele has spoken to Nick Grimshaw on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show as she premiered her first single in three years, All I Want.



On Adele's connection with her fans

I remind them of their best friend or Auntie! Well, atleast that's what I strive to be. My music seems to help people tap into something in themselves and I want them to believe my songs, not just hear them.

On Fame

I don't want to be your run off the mill pop star you know. Fame is not real and I don;t want to live a fake life. Sometimes I have days when I think it might be easier to be on a yacht all the time..but then I remember I don't want to be on a yacht and I'm scared of the sea!


On her latest single- "All I Want"

I wrote that song from a very personal space. I can't reveal the context right now but it will soon be out with my Vanity Fair edition. It's definitely darker than my previous work. This is the first time I am doing everything by myself so it has been quite a learning for me in the past few months. I love it so far. 


On her legal battle with record label and establishing her own

My entire experience with the label has been a bit mechanical you know. The label's requirements controlled my life to a large extent. I had to release a certain album by a certain time irrespective of the fact that I had a child to care for. I am not one of those people who would hire a nanny and be done with it. And, I was 18 when I signed on, so I didn't really know what I was getting into it. I was ready to purchase my freedom when I had earned enough money. This is where things got tricky. The label refused to let my buy myself out with my own masters. They wanted to have the masters of the music I made. I wasn't ready to let go of something that is very personal to me. So, I decided to fight. I am happy that this can serve as a precedence to other artists that decide to do this in the future. I also plan to add more artists to my label once I figure everything out. I want to create a space where the artist's independence to create is valued more than commercial aspects.


On the overall album experience

To be honest, I haven't yet finished the album. I still have to fine tune a couple of tracks and finish their production. But, I think I will be ready in a month. I will release another song - an upbeat one in a week and we'll see where we can go from there. I felt like I was never going to finish this record. I wanted to give up a lot. My team told me to go back to the drawing board. It's important that people are honest with you about that. I'm really relieved because the album has been a long time coming.


Adele will be performing her latest single at Glastonbury this Sunday, be sure to book your tickets! She will also be joining with us next week Friday to talk about her Glastonbury performance and release a new single. 


You can listen to All I Want on Encore, CALTUBE or buy it here.

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Kuba    13,477




Hello and welcome everybody! Today we are joined by pop sensation Katy Perry, to talk about her latest single “Disco Fling.” This synthpop banger has us hooked, how do you feel about it Katy?

I feel the utmost pride! This is something that I’ve been sitting on for a while and I’ve been dying for the fans to finally hear it!

Well the wait paid off! This song seems much more club oriented than your past work. Will your album be in the similar vein?

Yes definitely! This whole album is very upbeat. I wanted to mimic the energy that clubs have, you know, like the life is constantly there. There’s so many dance tracks ranging from pure synthpop to edm and whatnot!

Oh will we have a few ballads?

Yes of course! I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a tear-jerker or two somewhere in there!

On the talk of ballads, the most predictable and logical thing for you to have done would be to push an acoustic, reinvention album. Why didn’t you do that?

Well, you answered it yourself: It’s predictable. It would be so inauthentic of me to try dissolve a messy era by pushing music that seems more heartfelt. I think that there’s a stigma that throwing in a guitar and piano automatically makes your music more raw. I don’t believe that. In my opinion, you can still create something honest and true to yourself without having to strip down. In fact, this pushed me to make the album even bigger.

Speaking of making your album bigger, will we have some bad-ass features?

Yes! I have a collaboration or two recorded, but I’m always open to more. I want to share this amazing journey with as much people as I can.

Can you tell us who the definite collaboration is?

No not yet! But you’ll be ecstatic to find out!

Okay, onto the big plans. You’re performing at Glatsonbury soon, how does that feel?

I’m so excited! Mariah Carey is the headliner for that day, I can’t wait to see her. Maybe we’ll even get a selfie together! (laughs)

Make sure you tag us in it, but I’m sure that it’ll break social media so you needn’t worry. Tell us, what’s performing at festivals like?

It’s quite a brilliant yet slightly stressful experience. There’s just so many things going on, you really have to be on your toes! Like, you only have half an hour or so, and within that time space you have to make sure that everything is running seamlessly. One mistake could mess everything up!

How important is choosing your setlist?

Setlists are so important. You’re entertaining people that have been on their feet for hours, you want to ensure that they’re engaged. You need to perform a bunch of songs that they know already, but at the same time, you want to give them something new. It’s a tough balance to find.

Does that mean that you’ll debut new music then?

Of course! Maybe not a lot, but there will be an unheard song or two.

What will the visuals be like?

Being a pop star at a festival requires a lot of powerful imagery and a narrative, I mean, on that stage you’re not a singer-songwriter anymore, you’re an entertainer. Like I said people stand there for hours, and you want to be the reason that they want to keep standing. Visuals play a huge part in that. You want everyone to leave fulfilled by the experience! So back on track, lots of powerful imagery!

Right I think that’s enough for now! We’re so happy that you stopped by Katy and we’re thrilled to see you perform. We’ll play “Disco Fling” by Katy Perry now, so put on your dancing shoes ladies and gents!




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