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You bitches better be ready for this Shawn Glastonbury performance. It's lowkey one of the best performances I've ever written. 

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Oh my God… it’s so nice to finally be with you guys. I really hope you’re enjoying Livid — what you guys think?! [huge applause] Alright, so we’ve got some wine and champagne for the people who are of age and some soda for the underage Lil Milians up today. [baristas pass out drinks] I know some of you guys come from ‘round the globe, so you’re probably like “Ugh, fuck these American laws.” Now while I think America is a great country, I will agree with y’all that this liquor restriction is a bummer. [waits for everyone to get drinks poured] Alright, so this album is really just about the premise of a relationship that I had which I’m sure you guys’ve known about by now. I wanted to bring you guys here because I know that for our “Let Me Know” radio requesters, dedicated Encore streamers and Livid album buyers we had different things planned a few months ago. I wanted to keep my promise that we’ll do something special together and being that I can’t travel outside of Cali much so I figured we come here and listen to the album together. I actually wanted you guys to come after the album was released because I wanted y’all to have pre-existing thoughts, theories, questions — all those sorts of things. I’m gonna run through and give y’all some insight track-by-track so maybe you’ll find out a couple of things that you never thought of before while listening to the album on your own. I’ve got a big surprise for y’all too, but that can wait until after we’re down. So sit back, relax, and let’s get into it!



“Let Me Know” is all about that first encounter. The lights are dim in the club, the music is midtempo and seductive… the drinks are pouring at minimums… you spot this guy who’s looking at you, and you can’t help but keep refocusing on him every couple of seconds and he ends up overtaking the night. The same goes for him — there’s obviously that common desire, but it’s silent and almost stuck. It’s all about who’s willing to make that first move. I wanted to put this one out first because I just loved how minimal it was and it really was the calm before the storm in terms of the album. This was the best way I could “preview” it — give y’all a little taste before the real deal comes through. And of course Dreezy completely bodied this.



Here the desire starts to blaze up, the charades are over — we’re having great sex. I got to work with Jam City on this one, who also did another track on this project… this is one of my most experimental songs I’ve ever done. I thought a traditional chorus for this song would kind of kill its purpose. I wanted it to start from us leaving the club, to us enjoying ourselves, and make sure I included everything in-between.



Things become more than sex at this point. It’s clear there’s untapped potential and we both take a step back, as they try to truly get to know each other and mold a formal relationship. There’s a lyric on this song that talks about beginning to put trust in a person without fully trusting them, which I feel like so many of y’all can relate to. [fans agree] It’s all about me getting to know this person’s history and what makes them the man that they’ve become, and I tell them my stories of my upbringing and a couple of rough patches I had gone through. This song is one of my favorites because it shows y’all that I’m more than just a sexy woman, but a very noble woman who values conversation above everything — if I choose to make a relationship serious. However, there’s still that part of me that’s proceeding with caution, because I do know better.



Probably one of the most fun and lighthearted tracks on the project. We’re together, things are working out great and we’re just killing time. We kind of start to get a sense of dependence here, and I’m letting go of that caution that I held just a bit ago. Even though I shouldn’t, sometimes we have to give into playful antics in order to enjoy ourselves as much as we can.



Definitely the most cliché one out of all the songs, but I felt it was necessary and I have the softest part of my heart with this song. It’s like “Yeah… I’m making pancakes for you on a Saturday morning. I know we fucked at 2AM but I’m still up bright and early because that’s how much your stupidass has me caring.” [fans crack up] And hey, I’m not ashamed to admit that! [laughs] This is the point where I finally decide that I’m going to allow myself to fall in love with this man. It took me some time to get there, but at least I’m going to dive into a new phase without any doubts, which is important.



‘Bout to turn it up with this one! DJ Mustard and I did this song with two great writers, Antonio Hardy and Benjamin Levin and I don’t know if you guys heard by now but it’s the new single, woo! [applause] Yes! I’ve been holding onto this one for months on months on months but I’m so happy I can give it to y’all because this is one of the flyest songs we’ve got. If you listen to the song at a party, or on the radio, or at a bar, it’s just a great drinking/party song. But when you listen to the album as a whole, you’re going to find many, many subtle hints at alcohol in multiple tracks — it’s impossible to miss, especially with a song coming up towards the end of the album. Alcohol was one of the things that had actually lead to a lot of the fights we had in this relationship being very exaggerated, and something that both of us had become dependent on in order to avoid confrontation. There’s a lyric on this bridge that’s “it’s more than fun and games, when you’re fuckin’ with some corks” which on one hand sounds like “HELL YEAH!” and on the other hand makes to be one of the most powerful lyrics on the entire project.



“Liquor” and “Tension” are definitely the climax and beginning of come-down. Now we’re at the point in the relationship where things start to dim from the initial falling-in-love and multiple things about both of our realities are affecting the relationship. The relationship is starting to fall apart and I’m the one who is questioning in hindsight. This is all due to insecurities that I have from past relationships. It’s really coming down to the fact that him and I were having such a blast, we were adventurous and things were stress-free. Even though I’ve accepted to fall in love with him and have him be a part of my life — cemented — now, that comes with lots of responsibilities, and lots of work. Obviously things aren’t going to be as spontaneous as they were in the beginning, but I can’t really accept that; instead I just retreat, second-guess everything and meltdown. This happens repeatedly, and we’re through.



Dave East has a song called “Demons” from one his mixtapes called ‘Hate Me Now’ and I based the song off a chorus I had come up with — the “Bitch you got me goin’ in / I be so livid” [sways and turns up] — and a sample off that. I knew I wanted fresh rhymes from him on this one too, because he can get real gritty with his flow and there’s a sonic violence that comes with his rapping that he can unveil when he feels like it. We had great chemistry on this track and the production was so Dark-R&B-Grit that I really thought y’all were gonna be like “What the fuck!” when you played it. [fans agree] I mean, yeah, I wanted to really shock everyone with the sounds on this project. The song in short is about being angry at yourself for not allowing yourself to be in love, and be happy.



i haven’t done a piano-only ballad in my whole career. There are a couple of old gems that I have like “Someday One Day”, “Gonna Tell Everybody” from way back [the old school fans cheer] — YES, I KNOW Y’ALL LOVED THOSE! — but none were piano and vocal-only. “Faded” is so… fucking emotional man, I really did cry three times while recording this song so it actually took a whole week to lay the vocals down. We’ve split at one point but I’m ready to be there for him by his side when he crashes. All the alcohol and the tension built from the previous tracks really all gets unleashed here through the vocals and lyrics. It’s about us making love one last time before we’re cutting the thing off for good. One thing I loved in this track is that even though it comes off like I’m saving him by being there for him, he’s returning the favor — saving me, by letting me have that last night of passion with him. It really does put a bullet through me.



I don’t man, this track’s kinda funky and a bit reminiscent sounding — it reminds me of ‘90s R&B a lot with how calm and genre-bending it is. This is the only song that I did on the album entirely myself [fans applaud] — oh, thank you, you’re too kind! [smiles] I didn’t want to end the album on a sad/emotional note simply ‘cause that’s not how the story went and I wanted to stay true to the whole experience. This is just me counting my blessings that the man and I are on good terms now, we’re friends and it’s all cool. Instead, looking back on the relationship, I just try to reminisce on all the great memories we made and on all the things I took away from that experience learning about myself.



There’s a lot that I could say about “Blasé”… shit. I’ll just say that now that saga is over… I’m ready to claim my next victim. [laughs] Remy and I, as we say, are bringing all our bad bitches with us to turn up, and we’re ready to have a good time and fuck some shit up in the town a little bit. [winks and raises glass]



Mi corazón… [everyone laughs as Christina is being dramatic] You guys already know how much I love “Unforgivable”. [applause] A fun fact that you guys don’t know is that when I was thinking of Livid super early in like the Fall of 2016, I wanted “Unforgivable” as the lead single. [gasps] Oh yes, ya girl was gonna FUCK it up. But then as I started to get deeper into the album and really had a concept for it the song didn’t fit anywhere on the album, which lead me to put out my first-ever Deluxe Edition. I was NOT going to let this song go and I loved it so much I wanted you guys to have it straight-away with “Let Me Know”. I just wanted to be dramatic as fuck and really show off a more sophisticated, artistic way of expressing heartbreak in general and give a vocal performance I had never done before. The video for this is coming out next week, which I’m really excited for. [cheers]



Oh shit oh shit oh shit — “Dulce” is that mf song. [applause] I had the BEST time doing it with this really cool producer from the UK named Jax Jones and this amazingly talented artist named RAYE. They helped me create this bad baby right here and this is basically about a woman who goes to the club for a good time, she’s got a tiny reputation though. All these men are trying to claim her and it’s like “I’m not an easy bitch. Don’t get it twisted.” There’s so much attitude on this one and it’s really about not letting these crusty men get to you. [laughs]



Oh shit oh shit, part two — it’s the sequel y’all. I got a REAL bad boy featured on this — Maxence, straight from France. [applause] How many of y’all are fans? [applause] Honestly, we worked on a couple of songs together… we’ve actually got another one called “Password” that’s on his next record. I did not expect working with him to be as fun as it was. Both of us are just so free, so open, very sexually comfortable and we’re visionaries so this collaboration was one matched in Heaven for sure. We just wanted to create a song with some European and Latin flavor but very Poppy and catchy and oozing fun-sex. We spent a lot of thought, especially with a video concept which we shot last Summer which I’m going to tell you guys right now is one of my favorite fucking videos I have EVER, EVER done in my career. Y’all know with Miss Milian and Mister Maxence that budget came through. Whenever it does come out — it’s a monster — but for now let’s raise those glasses and turn up!



“Hands” was a Latin-flavored Poppy track that I wanted to show off just because I loved the pre-chorus lyrics so much. There’s not much depth to this track other than that it fit so perfectly with “Unforgivable”, “Dulce” and “Misdemeanor”. I wanted to end things off with the Deluxe epic and fun, and with some kick-ass guitar. 



Alright guys I had had so much fun here tonight, kicking it with y’all. Now before we start to hang out a bit I wanted to tell you this: I’m sorry. I know that release parties normally are a lot larger-than-life and I’d typically perform and there’d be a lot more things but I just wanted to make this intimate and as fun as possible — i really hope y’all have had a good time. So in order to compensate for a couple of things that I would’ve loved to do for you initially… y’all know how we booked your hotels and flights so that you would leave tomorrow evening? Well GUESS WHAT — WE LIED! You’ll actually be staying here in L.A. up until Saturday evening. All expenses are paid for and we’re going to give y’all $2,500 each in spending money! [everyone has a meltdown and Christina cries seeing how happy her fans are, with them crying too] We’ve also got these special Livid-styled goodie bags for y'all to take home! Inside each one is a physical Deluxe copy of the album, which I’ll sign for you right now, along with a Livid T-Shirt, a Livid wristband, a Livid poster which I can sign too, some temporary tattoos based on the music, “Let Me Know”/“Unforgivable” double-featured CD singles and some other nice things in there. None of these items are for sale, aside the album — I’ve really wanted to make things special for you guys. Hopefully this was an experience y’all will never forget. [hugs everyone and gets to partying/taking pictures/signing things]


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Watching Lana Del Rey’s recent ascent to the highest heights of the music industry has been quite the remarkable experience for any music fan. Throughout her less-than-a-decade stint in the business thus far, Lana has hit almost every mega milestone that an artist could hope to achieve. She’s headlined the Super Bowl halftime show, had number ones galore, won the most coveted Grammy for Album Of The Year, sold out arenas across the globe, and very soon her most recent album Midnight will be certified diamond for sales of over ten million copies. It’s hard to imagine someone with this sheer level of success and power being so down to earth in person, yet that’s what you get.

I’ve profiled big superstars before, and there’s always a sense of magnitude whenever they enter the room. Sometimes it may be a diva personality, but while Lana does control and own the room, it’s not in this way. Heads turn and people look, but Lana smiles right back in a very human way - she positions herself as equals with anyone, squashing any sense of superiority or hierarchy. This is the Lana that I’m presented with when we begin our conversation - very sweet, humble, and relatable. A delight. Yet very soon, it becomes apparent that there’s more than meets the eye.

“I guess over the years I’ve started to become more self-aware of how I come across to the public,” she tells me. “I’ve noticed that I give off this apparent semblance of innocence, and that it might suggest some kind of weakness, or that I might even be some kind of pushover. But, trust me, that New York girl is always there.” She laughs, as she takes a drag of her cigarette. I pursue that comment a little further.

It’s true - recently, she has proved herself to be something of a businesswoman. The superstar managed to secure herself a rare marketing deal and partnership with Coca-Cola which includes the soft drink giants sponsoring her upcoming world tour. As one of the biggest companies in the world, this is no small feat. James Quincey, Coca-Cola’s President and CEO, told me with a chuckle that Lana shouldn’t be underestimated. “Lana has a very strong business acumen,” he says over the phone. “I think that her powerful instincts as a creative inform her business decisions very well. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. When we were approached by her team, we thought it would be a simple celebrity endorsement - she wanted more than that. We’d rarely invest so much in a single celebrity, but it felt right to do so with her.”

Rather than just appearing as the face of the company, Lana pressed for Coca-Cola to launch their own limited edition product with her. Named after her latest single Rosa, the product is a soft-drink based on the classic taste of Coca-Cola blended with hints of cherry and lime, with a subtle splash of vanilla. These flavors were handpicked by Lana herself. Even with Lana’s Coca-Cola earnings still to come, she’s the artist currently with the biggest net worth, boasting total assets of over $100m. And it’s true that you don’t get there by simply being nice and relatable.

Talking about big corporations, I can’t resist turning the conversation to Sony. Lana’s recent departure from the company following the fulfilment of her contract upon the release of Midnight attracted major press attention, with figures indicating that Sony would majorly suffer without her. As controversial CEO Leona Fluella also left, a new figure has entered the scene - Angela Buffalo. And she hasn’t exactly been complimentary of Lana’s swift departure.

“I think she said it was cowardly,” Lana says, with a slight grin on her face. “Cowardly for me to go. Truthfully, anyone smart enough would’ve done the same. I’m not going to sit here and act like I had a tough experience over there. The people in my immediate team - I loved them. I still do. And I appreciate everything they did for me. But being in that place was like walking on eggshells. I finished my contract fairly, and that was it. Maybe [Angela] is upset about that, but to be totally frank - that isn’t my problem.”

Sony has a well documented rocky history in terms of its relationships with artists. Most recently, of course, was the Belinda fiasco. Lana says, despite how well she was personally treated, that deterred her interest in renewing a Sony contract for further albums. “They all loved me because I was bringing in money for them. But what if I ran into some personal troubles like Belinda did? Would they force me to release something against my will? It was a difficult decision that I had to make, but I figured if they allowed that to happen to her - who’s to say that it couldn’t one day with me, too?”

Perhaps the cause of her apparent “on the fence” image is the fact that Lana doesn’t often find herself making headlines for scandals. This is true particularly in comparison to some of her contemporaries who have found themselves facing media attention for, among other things, public legal disputes with record companies, attention-grabbing stunts onstage, and even shootings. This perception is arguably skewed, since Lana has certainly not been immune to controversy. From her public spat with President Trump last year to her topless Vogue cover in 2015, Lana has most recently found herself in hot water with certain groups for the somewhat graphic content and imagery of the music video for her single Rosa.

The video shows Lana portraying the titular character, a stripper and prostitute who seeks out revenge on her problematic pimp. One scene in particular is attracting controversy, a moment that portrays Rosa being assaulted and sexually violated by an unattractive and rowdy customer. Whilst Lana acknowledges the graphic nature of the scene in question, she says the reaction is distracting from the point.

“Of course it’s unpleasant,” she says in a deadpan way, as if she’s tired of explaining. “Anyone that watches that and thinks it’s meant to be glamorous simply isn’t worth my time of day. Down to the way it’s shot - it’s blurry, it’s grainy, it’s dark. It’s supposed to encourage a feeling of discomfort, because it’s driving the story. There’s then a need for revenge. Rosa is the protagonist in this story. She’s the hero. That man is meant to be representative of the lowest of the low. People that complain about this kind of thing tend to focus on one aspect of the overall picture. The narrative and Rosa’s ultimate victory is the real point.”

Despite her fierce defense, she doesn’t really seem concerned about the detractors - and she shouldn’t be. Even with these criticisms, the video is still mostly being celebrated by her fan base, and has far more likes than dislikes on CAL Tube. The song itself is also thriving off the back of the video, sitting at the top of iTunes at the time of writing this article.

And it’s not the only thing. Lana just announced a huge world tour - her biggest yet - in support of Midnight. With shows so far announced in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom, the tour is set to expand even further across the world. And it’s doing great so far. The jaunt is already set to be Lana’s most successful, with Live Nation reporting that it’s already made over $100m in ticket sales, and the selling rate isn’t slowing down at all. While it’s a huge commercial success for Lana, she’s more excited by the artistic potential for the show.

“There’s a lot more at stake this time because the shows are bigger, the venues are bigger… But there’s also more invested in me now. Simply, the budget is bigger. I’m not a typical pop performer in the sense that I don’t pull off extravagant and sexy costumes, nor am I a dancer. But I’ve really become a fan of putting on a big production over the past few years, and what we’ve come up with so far is really something. I just want it to be a spectacle and really translate the atmosphere of the album in a visual way.”

The tour will see her playing stadiums for the first time, reaching some of the biggest venues in Europe as well as London’s Wembley Stadium and New York’s Citi Field, amongst others. “I’ve never seen myself as someone that would be typically suited to play a stadium, but even arenas seemed like a stretch at the time for me. So I guess we’ll see how that goes.”

Talking to Lana, one aspect of her career seems completely apparent and consistent so far - growth. From having the leverage to push major companies into huge deals, to playing in stadiums, Lana’s power has only grown from one album campaign to another. Few artists can say they’ve truly gone from strength to strength in that manner. Another thing that has grown is her ability to be social with her peers.

“At the beginning, I guess I was more shy,” she confides in me. “Particularly when Born To Die first came out - I felt like a bit of a loner in the industry. I would avoid going to big celebrity events, parties and award shows - that kind of thing. I really felt like I didn’t belong. It’s only recently, really, that I started to have this gradual realisation that I don’t have anything left to prove anymore. I’m a lot more sure of myself now. So mingling is kind of easier.”

Her circle of friends is certainly impressive, with the star forming bonds over the years with fellow superstars like Lorde, Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Beyonce to name but a few. Another act that she’s more than ready to gush about is her new label mate The Weeknd, referred to by Lana by his real first name, Abel.

“Oh my god, Abel!” She exclaims, when I bring him up. “He’s really one of my best friends in the industry. We came out around a similar time, and now we’re on the same label - it’s kind of like we came full circle in that way. He’s great.”

The two have collaborated a few times in their career, but only this year have they put out a fully fledged single together. Close To You, a single written and recorded for the movie soundtrack of Fifty Shades Freed, was released as a duo by the pair and quickly saw chart success, peaking at #2 on the charts. “It was really his project and he let me hop on the song. Working with him is amazing, we both share a lot of the same perspectives when it comes to the world and making music. It’s just easy.”

While she is quick and eager to gush about her friendships to me, her love life is a little more guarded. Lana has been known since the start of her career for being relatively enigmatic, despite her past albums being very honest in an autobiographical way. Her last album particularly, Silver, opened up about the devastating end of a relationship, and how she learned to deal with that.

“I suppose putting it in a song is just easier for me,” she says. “Silver was a little harder to put out because I really pulled no punches in talking about what I went through. I’m proud of that now, though. But talking about my personal relationships - even about my family - when I’m doing press just kind of makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Despite that, she tells me that she’s currently single. “I don't really have the time for a boyfriend,” she laughs. “I kinda miss that companionship in a way, but I’m so busy. I literally don’t have the time to date or seek anyone out. I’m on a plane ride every other day right now… I wouldn’t be able to commit, that’s for sure. But I would be open to it, particularly at this stage in my life. Settling down isn’t the last thing on my mind.”

She’s clearly very career driven, and maybe it has taken priority over milestones in her personal life - but she insists that listening to her creative muse is more important. “I don’t know how long that will be with me. If I abandoned my music to go get married and have kids or something, maybe one day I’d look back and wish I’d listened to my artistic instincts… I’m still very much feeling inspired. I feel like things happen for a reason.”

Her self awareness is very apparent. And it is so much there that she acknowledges how fickle the music industry can be. “I don’t make decisions based on my success,” she says. “It’s not hard to see how quickly the pendulum can swing in this business. I have to make those kind of decisions about how I’m feeling creatively. If I felt like there wasn’t a record for me to make, maybe I’d go and invest in my love life a little bit. But I wouldn’t put out a record for the sake of thinking I had the chance to get a hit.

“I know that it won’t last forever. Every time I do a little better, the expectation for the next one grows. In the history of music, I don’t think a single person has managed to keep that up with each and every album. It’s unrealistic. Which is why it can’t matter - it’s not even real.”

She may be right about that. We’ve seen time and time again, even recently, how stars at the very top of their game can fall and become lost in a void that was once filled by mega-stardom and adoration from the public. When such huge stars have fallen so dramatically and swiftly from grace, it’s not far fetched to ponder the possibility of this happening to anyone - seemingly no one is immune. Though it’s never certain, one thing surely is: right now, it’s Lana Del Rey’s world - and we’re all living in it.

Lana Del Rey covers Elle Magazine

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I thought Britney was the perfect pick for this just because I wanted to have on the video someone I felt comfortable with, someone I could be just like “You know, this happened and I want you to play this part” and I trust Britney a lot so she seemed the perfect fit to play Shakira on the “Heart At The Door” music video. I felt sad that my fans reacted this way towards the music video thanks to Britney’s cameo, that rally bummbed me because I was just doing something that I thought was for the best thanks to Britney being someone I’m super close to and that I feel comfortable working with. I don’t know, I just thought that the music video had a strong storyline and I wanted my fans to be into the whole story and into what happened before and they just cared about the cameo, nothing else. I don’t blame them, I’m pretty sure they thought the music video was going to be something like the “Oblivious” music video but I insist that nothing’s going to be like that ever again. That music video was very personal to me, as much as this one was personal to me as well but it’s just a different direction, a different feeling. But, I’m glad that people have been looking out to the music video and enjoying it! I saw some comments from people that have been enjoying my music video and my new music and I’m deeply gratefull for that. The music video just reached 10 million views just after being up on CALTUBE and that’s amazing! 


This really surprised me! I honestly believed that I had no chance on making my next songs be as popular as “Oblivious” so I could get it to #1 and this happened with “Heart At The Door” and I was so shocked to see the Billboard cardboard that my label Republic Records showed me. I was stunned and I was really jumping up and down when this happened! Watching your song grow on the charts like that it’s amazing, I say it because that’s how you see how people are reacting towards your music and what you release for them and share with them and “Heart At The Door” even became the biggest song of the world for one week and that was even enough for me. This is the ultimate flatter to my music, I knew that this direction would be kidna risky considering that most of my fan base is still stuck with the “Love Lost In Vegas” sound and I don’t blame them, it’s my debut album so it’s natural they would want me to keep doing music like that but that’s not who I am at all, I love to create music, play with genres, see how further can I go and that’s how “Heart At The Door” was conceived and I don’t regret one single thing.


Oh I have lots of plans but right now my main focus is “Heart At The Door” and just enjoy performing it as much as I have always done. “Growing Up and Moving On” is an era that I intend on taking in a different direction, like, so different from how I handled “Love Lost In Vegas” and I’m working on that. I don’t want anymore singles fiascos, I don’t want any more cancelled music videos, nothing. I’m just going to work a lot and try to bring the era that my fans rightfully deserve and that they have, so far, enjoyed since the only two songs released from the album both went Top 3 [laughs] and that’s so cool. I’m thankful for that.

After the interview, Brendon performed his #1 hit single, “Heart At The Door” for the audience. He showcased his vocals and carried the performance as it was being focused more on his vocals than the theatrics happening around the stgae. The performance ended and the host reminded everyone to get the song now on iTunes and to stream it on Encore + pre-order his album as the show ended.


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hector 31,465





Well, the song was either way going to be included on the album actually! [Laughs] The version I did for the “The Beauty and the Beast” movie, it was going to be included as the closing track for the album and I think that I did the right decision on revamping the song the way I did it because I felt that every song on the album needed to be cohesive in a way that all the songs would sound cool together and since most of the songs on the album are the same kind of Pop you could hear on this remix and “Heart at the Door”, I decided to call Jack and we then started working on the song as soon as we talked. Then I personally invited Rihanna and Lorde to be on the track because I felt that they would fit a lot with the idea and the concept that I had in my mind that could definitely be showcased very differently as the movie version, I wanted to give it that dark twist and I think I did a great job! [Laughs] Especially with the music video, I wanted to showcase that love triangle between the characters that was implied on the song itself. Dave Meyers did a great job on that and I enjoyed working with Rihanna and Lorde. They were amazing. 


It was so surreal! I still can’t believe that I won my first GRAMMY Award last year. It’s been so, so crazy! In fact, the actual award came on my mail and now I have it in my living room and every time I open the door I see it [laughs] so it reminds me that this means I need to work harder, I need to give my best and to just keep evolving for the best and to be the best artist I can be. Since they gave me an award for that, I should at least give my 100% to mantain that. And I try my best! [Laughs] But it’s great to be recognized by someone like the Recording Academy, this is literally the ultimate flatter to anyones career and it just makes me feel that my work isn’t taken for granted which is why I need to just keep working hard and keep myself doing the best I can. Do I think I’ll be nominated for this year? I really don’t know, Do I want to be nominated? Of course! But it all depends on how I do my thing now. I have deep respect for the Recording Academy, not because I won this GRAMMY but it’s because they opened the doors for me when I was just recently signed to Republic Records, that Eric Clapton tribute I did make me get that big love from people who then became my fans. It’s amazing. 


I worked with Mariah on my album “Love Lost In Vegas”! I was super excited because Mariah is a music legend and working with her was just a dream come true. My label sent her team my song “Wicked Games” to her and she loved it, the next day she was at my studio and we started working the song together and it was amazing. I learned a lot from her and she was so sweet. The song became a top 10 for us and we were happy to see how our fans reacted towards the song for the short amount of time it was out. But now, we’re going to do the Super Bowl together! Well, she’s going to be on the stage performing her hits and I’ll be doing the National Anthem and I can’t wait. I’m so excited because I have no doubt that it’s going to be a pretty impressive show and that Mariah will bring her A game to the stage, knowing her she’ll kill it. I want to bring my best to the National Anthem performance, I’ve been in rehearsals trying to get the things right [laughs] but I feel I’m prepared. I’m very nervous though, it’s one of the biggest stages on the world for music and millions of people are going to watch this. But well, I can only hope everything goes well! [Laughs]


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well this is hauntingly familiar 


im gonna keep this really short because I’m sure most of you have heard already, but there was an active shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and 17 people were killed. I don’t know anyone that was killed or anyone (directly) that attended the school, but this school was a mere 20 minutes away from mine and a lot is going through my head. I’ve done my fair share of crying already, and I’m still in shock from what happened but I’ll be okay.


Please please PLEASE if you live in the United States, contact local and state representatives to make a change to our legislation to prevent these things from happening again. Send good vibes and prayers to the families of those affected but more importantly use your voice to make a CHANGE. 


thank you, stay safe. ♥️




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Ronlop 7,439
38 minutes ago, Bleachella said:

well this is hauntingly familiar 


im gonna keep this really short because I’m sure most of you have heard already, but there was an active shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and 17 people were killed. I don’t know anyone that was killed or anyone (directly) that attended the school, but this school was a mere 20 minutes away from mine and a lot is going through my head. I’ve done my fair share of crying already, and I’m still in shock from what happened but I’ll be okay.


Please please PLEASE if you live in the United States, contact local and state representatives to make a change to our legislation to prevent these things from happening again. Send good vibes and prayers to the families of those affected but more importantly use your voice to make a CHANGE. 


thank you, stay safe. ♥️




Just heard about it. It's horrible and scary. I can't imagine how you feel right now living so close.

Sending my prayers to the families of the victims.

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