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Kylie's Spotify Stats

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Top 20

Can't Get You out of My Head 186,522,869
Santa Baby 130,755,890
Higher (Taio Cruz) 41,925,194
Where the Wild Roses Grow 35,161,323
Get Outta My Way 31,081,769
In Your Eyes 30,242,749
Dancing 29,563,155
All The Lovers 27,360,761
Love at First Sight 26,927,291
Spinning Around 23,894,381
The Loco-Motion 19,365,828
At Christmas 18,932,322
Stop Me From Falling 17,047,854
Into the Blue 15,302,000
Beautiful (with Enrique Iglesias) 14,119,675
In my Arms 13,663,994
Say Something 13,362,570
The Other Boys (Nervo) 13,209,775
On A Night Like This 12,539,349
Really Don't Like U (Tove Lo) 12,505,454

Everything Else:

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Timebomb 12,390,047
Slow 10,315,300
Wow 10,310,132
Magic 9,963,481
Come into My World 9,776,521
I Should Be So Lucky 9,452,243
Christmas Wrapping (with Iggy Pop) 9,327,982
Kids (with Robbie Williams) 9,286,332
I Believe in You 8,829,166
Santa Claus is Coming to Town 8,825,678
Better The Devil You Know 8,298,327
Chocolate 8,068,493
Only You (with James Corden) 7,966,570
Everyday's Like Christmas 7,327,864
Especially For You (With Jason Donovan) 7,160,121
Miss a Thing 6,877,808
Red Blooded Woman 6,754,133
I was Gonna Cancel 6,380,848
It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year 5,946,643
The Loco-Motion (Abbey Roads) 5,565,966
Music's Too Sad Without You 5,417,723
The One 5,354,595
Confide In Me 5,290,970
2 Hearts 5,122,278
Your Disco Needs You 5,117,152
Winter Wonderland 4,993,455
Real Groove 4,898,476
Christmas Isn't Christmas Til You Get Here 4,552,875
A Lifetime to Repair 4,081,073
Never Too Late + Acoustic 3,999,067
Hand On Your Heart 3,961,732
Sexercise 3,930,118
Raining Glitter 3,915,183
Golden 3,848,374
I Love it 3,493,611
Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head 3,450,580
New York City 3,431,873
Fever 3,407,586
Sexy Love 2,976,260
Did It Again 2,974,429
Put Your Hands Up 2,689,110
Million Miles 2,605,691
Aphrodite 2,485,983
Better Than Today 2,441,416
Step Back in Time 2,362,631
Like A Drug 2,116,594
Put Yourself in My Place OG + Acoustic 2,050,972
What Do I Have to Do? 1,749,755
Celebration 1,713,030
If You Don't Love Me (Acoustic) 1,395,060
Tears On My Pillow 1,288,577
Got to Be Certain 1,262,091
Give Me Just A Little More Time 1,205,279
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourqoi 1,073,088



Kylie has had a pretty successful 2020! As you can see, Say Something has already entered her top 20 and Magic will soon follow. The entirety of Disco has fairly impressive streams. One notable increase in streams can be seen for In Your Eyes, which climbed from #8 to #6 in her top 20! Perhaps people were searching up the Weeknd's 'In Your Eyes' and stumbled upon this classic. Santa Baby hit 100M and Kylie Christmas is doing very well overall! Happy New Years everyone!

Total Streams =  996,319,373*


*The total streams only include the songs listed, so with the rest of her discography, she is well over 1 billion at this stage!

** Some of the choices are admittedly confusing, so to clarify: 80-90s songs are only listed if they have 1m streams, 2000s songs need 2M streams, 2010s+ need 3M streams. This is just to keep the list neat and easily manageable. For instance, Closer (2010s) having 1.9m streams is a bit less noteworthy than If You Don't Love Me (Acoustic) (1990s) getting 1.3M streams.

*** Many of the songs that have different versions have been merged. Examples of this include Confide in Me and Confide in Me (Radio Mix), Never Too Late and Never Too Late (Abbey Sessions), A lifetime to Repair and its edit, etc!


Bumping this, didn't realise it was the last post asdfghjkl

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