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CAL Glastonbury 2018

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1. Fallen Angel (Intro) / After Her
2. Versus
3. Perfect Closeness
4. Covers Medley
[The Most Beautiful Girl... / At Your Best (You Are Love)]
5. Strain

6. Susan (Interlude) / Nights Go By


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Lana’s headlining set began with all the house lights on the Pyramid Stage going down, to explosive cheers from the audience. Visuals and sound effects representing static as if on an old television were shown on the large screens on either side of the stage for a few seconds before cutting out to black once more, causing another burst of cheers. Suddenly, a loud boom emitted from a bass drum with heavy reverb was heard, as a brief shot of Lana in the music video for Video Games was shown in time with the bass drum, before cutting immediately to black again. A few seconds passed before another bass hit was heard, this time showing a brief shot from the Born To Die video. This continued, showing quick moments of Lana’s video in chronological order, with the time passing between each shot and bass hit getting shorter and shorter each time, building up momentum for the performance. As the bass hits grew to a crescendo and the videos passed through the Silver and Midnight era, the crowd got more and more excited, their screams getting louder as the video introduction came to a climax.

With one final and sudden bass boom, the video ended and the lights went into extreme darkness once again for a few seconds, the crowd still cheering on. Then, all of a sudden, a beam of brightness shot across the audience as all of the stage lights came on in a bright white, as the bold and familiar guitar chords for Lana’s number one hit Scars began to play. The chord progression was played loudly by Lana’s guitarist over a few times, as two of Lana’s dancers emerged from either side of the stage and stood in formation either side of the microphone stand in the middle. Eventually, Lana joined them, walking out on stage to rapturous applause and cheers from the audience. Her stage presence whipped the fans into a frenzy by simply walking out - no dramatic or theatrical entrance, just simple stage presence to captivate her audience. Beaming a smile as she approached the microphone stand, she took a moment to marvel at the strong crowd as her guitarist continued to play the opening chords to Scars. “Glastonbury!” she called out, to a huge response of cheers. “You’re mine for ninety minutes, that okay with you?” Another roar from the audience. “Okay, let’s do this.” As she finished speaking, the guitarist strummed down defiantly and stopped playing as Lana sang the first line acapella: “Every scar I have is yours…” right before the rest of the band started to join in playing by the following line, as the audience sang along with every word. Her dancers performed simple choreography behind her, as Lana charismatically and passionately performed the smash hit from behind the microphone stand, belting out during the chorus and delivering some impressive ad-libs during the final section of the song.

At the end of the song, the energy of the performance was kept going as Lana’s drummer continued to play a fast beat as the audience cheered for the song, making for a transition into the next track. Lana took the microphone off her stand and confidently strutted across the stage in time to the beat as she called out to the audience once again. “How we doing tonight, Glastonbury?” She said, continuing to strut, totally owning the stage. “We’re gonna do something a little newer for you guys now. This is Rosa.” The crowd cheered at the announcement of the song, and the drummer stopped playing the beat perfectly timed for the isolated synth stem that plays at the beginning Rosa to be heard. As soon as the synth started, the lights went extremely low, with a soft red hue filling the stage. More dancers slowly filled the stage as Lana was by now on the right handside, singing out to the audience who sang back to the current #1 hit.

Lana performed the entire song to the audience, with her dancers providing further entertainment behind her on the stage by doing sexy choreography. Also, displayed on the screens was brand new backdrop footage created especially for Glastonbury, showing Lana pole dancing - a reference to the video - but with psychedelic patterns based on the colour scheme of Midnight as a background to the video via green screen.

The next song got no introduction. After a brief moment for applause following Rosa, the dancers left the stage and the drummer counted in the rest of the band with four hits of his sticks, before they launched into Santiago, Lana’s #1 hit from 2014. The simple performance was perfect for Glastonbury, based solely on Lana’s musicianship and performing skills, with a huge singalong chorus from the crowd. For the final chorus, Lana yelled out “let me hear you!” as the band stopped playing, except for the drummer who steadily kept the beat by hitting the bass drum as the crowd sang along to the chorus, with Lana looking out in awe. “You sound amazing, keep it going!” She called out, in-between the repeats, before eventually joining in with them and bringing the rest of the band in for an energetic finish.

After the crowd applauded for the end of Santiago, the main lights for the stage rose back up again as Lana looked out into the crowd in disbelief once again. “My god…” she whispered into the microphone, giggling, as the fans whooped and cheered back at her. “I don’t want to get too sentimental on you guys or anything - I want this to be a really fun show for you all. But this is a huge moment for me. It took me a long time to get here, and to be closing Glastonbury is literally a dream come true. Cliche - I know - but it’s true. So I just wanna thank you all for being a part of this moment that I’ll never forget for as long as I live.” Calls of “aww” etc and encouraging cheers were heard after Lana’s heartfelt message, before she launched into back to back performances of two hit singles from her album Submerged, Swimming and Drifting. With visual of water falling displayed on the screen through the former, Lana nailed the moody vocals, giving the appropriate feeling of an ethereal atmosphere, complimented by the soft blue lighting. The dancers then returned to the stage to perform some more subdued choreography to suit the vibe of the song, making for an entrancing performance.

Lana then introduced her smash hit single, Black Rose, the lead from her 2014 album Liberty. The audience cheered wildly as Lana introduced the emotional ballad, with the lighting consisting of a simple spotlight on her standing behind the microphone in the centre of the stage, with soft, dim lighting showing her band behind her. She nailed the track with emotional vocals and delivery, as an edited montage of clips from the music video co-starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt were shown on screen

The pace of the show then increased significantly. The lighting went down all of a sudden for around twenty seconds, leaving the show in darkness for a brief few moments, building anticipation. All of a sudden, the lighting burst into the colours of Midnight, flashing across the stage and audience, in time with the famous opening synths of Lana’s recent number one smash Down For It. The audience cheered ecstatically as this started, with Lana now visibly on stage, stood behind the microphone stand with six dancers - three on each side of her - stood in a straight line. Spotlights individually made up of red, blue and green colours were shone over each of them, changing at random as each different synth chord was struck. The coordination between the music and the lights made for a cool effect, as Lana and her dancers all stood dead still as she began to sing the first verse, the audience roaring along with her.

As the chorus started and the bass came in, the dancers made slow and sexual movements, leading into the second verse when Lana took the microphone off the stand and started to venture out towards the front of the stage. The dancers then paired up and performed sexually charged choreography with each other leading into the second chorus, and the exciting beat drop. As this happened, pyro fireworks went off across the front of the stage, the dancers now in a formation performing with high energy as Lana performed to the crowd. This energy and excitement was kept on as Lana hammered through a couple of more hits, Summertime Sadness and Love Me Where I Lay, as her dancers performed with her as the crowd sang along to both enthusiastically.

The tone was then significantly lowered for Now He’s Gone, taken from Lana’s latest album, Midnight. Lana introduced the track by addressing the crowd whilst taking a seat on the edge of the stage. “Wow guys, that was so fun,” she said to cheers. “I’m gonna take it down a little bit, if you don’t mind… This is a song from my newest record, Midnight…” She paused for further cheers, as she chuckled. “I always say that Midnight is my least personal record as it’s so conceptual, but I think that everyone can relate to this particular song at least a little bit. Sing along if you know the words. This is Now He’s Gone.”

The crowd cheered again for the song as the pianist started to play the chords. Lana was simply sat on the edge of the stage as she started to perform the song, and gave the most emotional performance of her set. It was a huge Glastonbury moment, with people in the audience putting up their mobile phone flashlights and lighters, and singing along so loudly, almost moving Lana to tears at the climax. She finished the song to a huge applause, as she wiped her eyes and hopped up on the edge of the stage again. “I love you guys so much,” she said, as she took a few steps backwards as the lights went down.

Moments later, they came back up, revealing a string quartet now sat at the side of the stage, having moved there during the previous song. “I want to bring out a special guest, if that’s cool with you guys,” the crowd of course roared back to her in excitement. “Please welcome my good friend - The Weeknd!” The crowd cheered as Abel entered the stage, as the string quartet began playing the opening to their current hit Close To You from Fifty Shades Freed. The string quartet played throughout the song along with Lana’s full band, as Lana and Abel gave a performance together packed with chemistry, singing into each other’s eyes for the majority of the song, as visuals from the music video were shown on the large screen. As the track came to an end, the two embraced as Lana thanked Abel and the crowd cheered him as he left the stage.

Almost immediately, the band started to play Minute, Lana’s #1 hit from her album Submerged which soared to the top spot after her Super Bowl performance. The performance of the sexy track was a winner with the crowd, as Lana’s dancers performed sexy choreography around her. After this and a fun sing along from the crowd, Lana made an extremely exciting announcement to the crowd.

“Okay, you guys,” she said. “I’ve got a huge surprise for you right now. I think a few of you have definitely been waiting for this. I’m gonna do another song from Midnight, but this time we’re going to do it a little differently. Please welcome, my good friend - Lorde!” The crowd erupted into excitement as Lorde came onto the stage and embraced Lana as the two looked out into the crowd who were by this point going crazy, the pair of them soaking up the moment. Lana looked at Ella; “shall we do this?” she said as Lorde smiled back at her, “let’s go,” she replied.

The band then started to play Secrets from Midnight, originally a collaboration with Harry Styles. Lorde took over Harry’s part, singing his verse and also singing in harmony with Lana during the chorus and taking on a section in the bridge. The pair performed without any excessive theatrics, showing off their stage presence and vocal prowess whilst engaging the audience - plus seeing the two icons on the stage together created enough atmosphere. The two held hands on the final portion of the song, harmonising as the song went out to a close. The lights blacked out, leaving the audience cheering frantically as the song ended. After their cheers began to die out, a mysterious video began playing.

Static came up, as in the introduction to the show, as we suddenly see in black and white, the back of a woman’s head walking in slow motion - presumably Lana’s. A low, unintelligible but bassy sound slowly started to face in as we see the back of another woman’s head walking also in slow motion, the sound getting louder and louder in an almost aggressive way. As the sound started to distort and peak, it suddenly cut out as the image abruptly went black. The text “LANA x LORDE” appeared in white on the screen all of a sudden, causing the audience to erupt into excitement once again. The text remained on screen for a short while, before cutting out to black once again, leaving no explanation for the mysterious tease about the two stars together.

Shortly afterwards, Lana’s band began to play an instrumental version of the ballad Angel from her 2016 album Silver, as a spotlight went on to the front of the crowd, as Lana was now standing on the grass beneath the stage, accompanied by security guards. Using the barriers, a large walkway directly in the middle of the crowd had been made before Lana’s set began. With the guards, as the music played, Lana started walking through the gap, greeting some fans and taking selfies with them as she made her way down. Finally, a decent way through the crowd, she made her way to a large crane that had been put there earlier that day. She got into it and stood on the edge of a large cherry picker, as the band finished playing Angel.

“Can you guys help me out with this one?” she asked, and the crane started to slowly levitate in the air, as Lana’s pianist started to play the chords to Particles, as the audience cheered. “I want you to put your lighters in the air, the flash from your cell phone - anything. And sing this with me.”

A sea of light then rose from the audience who, as requested, started to flash their lights or lighters and wave them in the air as Lana rose on the crane into the air as she sang the emotional ballad. As the crowd sang along, it made for a spectacular moment. As Lana reached the highest point of the crane, it started to rotate around, allowing her to be up high above a large portion of the enormous crowd, and look out. Stunned by the beauty of the moment, Lana became emotional and started to cry as the song came to a close. “You guys look even better from up here,” she said between tears, clearly overcome by the emotion. “Let’s take it back to where it all started.”

Still held up high on the crane, her pianist started to play the familiar opening chords from Video Games. Overcome by nostalgia, the performance was arguably a highlight of the set, with the lights still shining all over the crowd, it was almost as if Lana was aiming the lyrics of the chorus at the audience as a sign of gratitude and love for her fans: “It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you, everything I do.” Once again, Lana became emotional, allowing the audience to sing the final entirety of the chorus for her as she looked on, tears in her eyes, with a full, beaming smile. During the chorus, the crane started to lower her, and she reached the floor once again as the song came to a close. “I can’t describe how amazing you are,” Lana said, as the audience cheered along for her, feeling moved by the powerful moment. She once again made her way back to the stage, accompanied by guards again, this time as the band played a rock-infused instrumental version of Midnight album track It’s Never You, with heavy guitar and live drums giving the song an edgier feel.

The lights went down as the band finished and Lana was helped back up onto the stage. All of a sudden, in a huge moment, the lights shone on out facing towards the audience, as the unmistakable beat of Lana’s megahit Latest Flame began to play. Dancers were lined up all across the stage, performing choreography from the very first beat. Packed with energy, the audience enthusiastically sang and danced along, as Lana made her way across the entire stage, encouraging them to sing along during the choruses. During each chorus, blasts of flames went off along the stage, the special effects making for a stunning visual component to the performance.

After the huge applause for the song, Lana introduced the final track of the night. “I’m so sad that it’s come to the end of what has been an unforgettable show for me, and hopefully for you guys too,” Lana said to an overwhelming sound of cheers from the crowd. “I won’t continue to be corny with you all but I just want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for being here tonight. This is Midnight.”

The crowd cheered as the lights dimmed and started to be infused with red, green and blue hues, as the low synths from the opening began. A spotlight came up on Lana as she started to sing the opening verse to the smash hit to the audience. As the song approached the verse and Lana sings: “At Midnight…” the lighting came on in full force, marked by epic fireworks that went off over the top of the Pyramid Stage. Dancers in formation all over the stage began to perform the choreography for the song energetically, with Lana standing right at the end of the stage, serving an impressive vocal performance. The performance continued in this manner, until the very end, when fireworks went off once again in a stunning display. The band played an extended outro of the song with added distorted guitar and loud drums, as Lana blew a kiss into the audience and waved as she left the stage. The dancers continued their choreography until the band came to a loud bang for a finish, marked by a final firework in the colours of red, blue and green that shot into the sky as the crowd cheered and the show, and Glastonbury Festival, came to a close.


1. Scars
2. Rosa
3. Santiago
4. Swimming
5. Drifting
6. Black Rose
7. Down For It
8. Summertime Sadness
9. Love Me Where I Lay
10. Now He’s Gone
11. Close To You (with The Weeknd)
12. Minute
13. Secrets (with Lorde)
- ‘Angel’ interlude -
14. Particles
15. Video Games
- ‘It’s Never You’ interlude -
16. Latest Flame
17. Midnight

Lana headlines Glastonbury

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