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A-YO SIS!!!!


You thought you had seen the last of me, but I am back, back, back, BACK AGAIN.

Yes we are at that point in the competition where we discuss the judge Judy's favorite entries of the season. As usual this bonus points are WORTH 25 points to your final score. So let's see who gets the points shall we?






For me, there really was no competition for this season's best entry. Well, that's not strictly true; there were two close pieces - belonging to Troye Sivan (C1 entry) and Rihanna (C4). However, the entry that I chose stepped it up just a little more. It took a challenge that I adored and really ran with it. From the actual effort included in producing multiple music videos, to the overall presentation of the entry, to the heart-warming comedy content included, this really was the one. The entry was not the most detailed entry of all time - let's face it - but what it did have in positives outweighed any negatives. My personal favorite parts were the interactions with Christina Aguilera and Lana Del Rey. Never without brilliant concepts, crystal-clear clarity or a fabulous sense of humour, it's pretty obvious that my choice for Entry of the Season is the challenge three entry of Rihanna (Party Monster); someone who I can always rely on to provide the best there is. 





My favorite entry this season was Adam Levine's Week 5 entry. Adam always serves consistency with his entries but this one really blew me away. Not because it was formatted any different than his others but because the creativity and ideas were amazing. I LOVE this tour concept. I think it's so unique and cool and I really wanted to go. The tour challenge is my favorite and Adam served. It really was a perfect entry and this it earned one of the two perfect scores I have given out. Great job with this Conor. I could see you put so much work and thought into it and it really paid off. I loved this. 


While I'm giving my bonus points to Adam I do want to touch on my other perfect score given. And that goes to Troye Sivan's Week 2 entry. The presentation was impeccable as always. But even without that I felt that everything was included in a such a unique way as well. I had so much fun reading it and I could feel the effort put into it (even if it was late af). Great job Victor! This really felt so fresh for a challenge that has been done so many times. 


As for both of you great job! You guys really embraced the challenges and did something really creative and unique with them. I loved that. It was so refreshing to see. 





My favorite entry of the season goes to Rihanna's week 4 entry. It was very sassy from beginning to the end, but biiiiish let me remind you that I am the head of Republic Records, you are the best selling artist (I'll give you that without arguing). I also love the way you did the graphics for that week entry. Also the Britney Go Girl shade was AMAZING and I LIVED FOR IT. Also the fact you aren't afraid of dragging every single player and even the judges in you're entry shows you are not afraid. It has been amazing to see you grow during seasons with you're concept and entries.



The results will come later today, because I got to eat and get ready for the gym!

See you all later when everything is done!



Lazy judge of the season



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gemini.    24,481
22 minutes ago, Shiver said:


@CHANEL #1 tysm oprah4

This means even more to me knowing that I didn't even think I'd manage to submit this entry oprah4 I've been hyped about it for MONTHS oprah4

you always put ur heart and soul into the entries. well deserved legend 

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