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Artists4Change is a benefit show in support of online kindness and cyberbully prevention. It will take place on May 17th at Madison Square Garden. Sponsored by Halsey, Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and H&M and live streamed by Yahoo!





Emma Roberts

Charli XCX

Harry Styles


Kelly Clarkson

Camila Cabello


@Robert. @tigerlily13 @Harry Styles @Love So Soft @Cosmic

You'll post your performances in this thread tomorrow. Please include a setlist of 2-3 songs relevant to the cause, if possible.

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Kelly Performs at Artists 4 Change


The next performer, Kelly Clarkson, took the stage. It was black as the stage pieces were all moved into place. The crowd cheered as Kelly was announced, and the performance began. Video elements were used throughout the performance as they have become big parts of Kelly’s performances throughout the years. The video intro’d the first song, and it began with the sound of a door shutting and heels walking across the floor. The video panned up from the black floor it was focus on and revealed Kelly walking across in the outfit from the “In the Night” music video. She was walking in a very dark room. The bar-area of the room was lit up dimly, and some people were seen sitting around at tables and chairs quietly smoking and drinking. Kelly looked around at all of this, and the camera focused on these elements whenever Kelly would look their direction. She continues walking straight ahead toward a jukebox sitting away from the bar and the people. She approaches it and reads the title upon the jukebox, “Brokenhearted Jukebox”. She flips through the tables of songs available on it, none of them being able to be read, and she looks back at the people in the bar around her. She then focuses back on the jukebox and goes to the next slide of music selections. The camera pans through the list and stops once it comes to, “In the Night”. Kelly is then shown selecting the song, and once she presses the button to do so, the performance officially begins. During the intro, Kelly made her way on stage and greeted everyone. The song was one of Kelly’s best vocal performances of the night as she sang through the 3 octave-spanning song with ease.


Once she ended the song, she thanked everyone for coming to the event. “I think this event is so important, honestly. In a world where the internet plays such a role into our lives, it is important that we as humans treat each other with respect in that way like we do, or should, in real life too. Too many times we have seen lives taken and destroyed by cyberbullying and online hate. I am so thankful for events like this that take a stand and promote a positive message, so thank you all for showing up and supporting it! It’s an honor to get to be a part of something like this.” The crowd cheered, and the band began to play Kelly’s next song, “Who You Love”, the lead single from her most recent album ANALOG.  The song featured a bit of a remix as it swapped out some of the grunge in the guitars for a cleaner sound, and it featured a grander ending musically. “Y’all ready for one last song?” The audience cheered in response to Kelly. “Alright, I know y’all know this one. Please sing along with me. It’s one of my favorites ever. It’s called Masquerade!”. The iconic intro of the hit song faded in, and the crowd went wild. During the performance, visuals from the song’s music video played, and Kelly interacted with the crowd a lot. The focus of the performance was just creating fun energy, and it was a fantastic note to end the set on.


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