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Freaky Prince    18,913

Okay, I found smth, let's see if it's real mj1 

It's in freaking Chinese I don't understand a thing scream2


The Official List of FOTP Fighters

@Freaky Prince - Candyman

@Khems - Fighter

@Kirjava - Bird of Prey

@Iris - Prima Donna

@Dita  - Queen of Burlesque

@Urbi - Nasty Naughty Boy

@StrippedX - Oreo Cookie

@greeneyedfighter - Genie in a Bottle

@Bionikal - Little Dreamer

@Chris Pratt - Christmas Time

@Habits - Monday Morning

@Driven - So Emotional

@Anna-wa - Can't Hold Us Down

@GLORY - You Lost Me

@BackToBasics - Infatuation

@#Music - Beautiful

@Philip - Woohoo Destroyer

@Monster - Tough Lover

@NOVAAYEARZ - Telepathizer

@Muse - Stronger Than Ever, Bitch

@Chloefighter - The Voice Within

@Aleco - Desnudate

@Alyssa - Fighter

@EvilRegal - Cease Fire


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EvilRegal    56
7 minutes ago, Freaky Prince said:

Every album leaks nowadays, anyway fall9 It was meant to happen fall9

My DMs are open if u wanna send the link tho.. jj2

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