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"Kesha Accused Dr. Luke of Raping Katy Perry in Text Message to Lady Gaga" (The Blast)

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Urbanov    41,265

Imagine the backlash if Kesha was lying rip3 another level of being cancelled

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2 hours ago, Ricky Martin said:

exactly poeople believe just because they are fans but Dr Luke could be innocent and all his life and reputation is destroyed already without any proof

if he is guilty he deserves to be cancelled and punished for life

 but if Kesha has been lying then she deserves the biggest backlash someone could receive

lets hope the innocent gets justice

I disagree about the backlash, justice is different.

Anyway I wish fans (and actually most of the human beings) were more objective about such matters.

Unfortunately after reading hundreds of pages of court documents I think her story is kinda messed up, only sure thing is that he's a verbal and psychological abuser but on the media the whole lawsuit is basically "Dr. Luke raped Kesha (and Katy Perry)".

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PoisonCandy    4,132
10 hours ago, Ricky Martin said:


at the end of the day

none of us know shit

only Katy, kesha, Gaga and Luke know the real truth


That's very true. I'm just saying, Dr. Luke has been called out by others, which is why I'm more inclined to believe Kesha's side.

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