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Dr. Luke is being sued by another songwriter

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Kivo    1,678
3 hours ago, TomTom2288 said:

I've read his motion in the court database a few days ago. He and his lawyers are so grasping at straws rip4

His lawyer submitted the audio recording of "Paris Hilton's Closet" as evidence and they used Kesha's old deposition from 2011 again lmfao1

Literally every second word of their motion is "false". "Kesha's false allegations", "false claims" "false rape claims", "Kesha's false accusations", "she can't prove it 'cause it's false", etc. Kesha's deposition, on the other hand, sounds at least reasonable and is not written in such an unobjective style.

Dr. Luke's lawyer also submitted Katy Perry's deposition - dated July 21, 2017.

That's like saying Kesha's Dancing With The Devil is a PROOF, Dr.Luke was abusive, they can't freaking use a song as evidence that's just lame. wat3ny14 And Kesha's deposition from 2011 shows more that he's to blame for her being asked such questions so early in her career? Kind of gives off vibes he wanted to trap her into lying about everything so later on he can use it as evidence, it's that blatant. brit1


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Dancing Queen    4,411
3 minutes ago, P.E.T.E.R. said:

Can someone explain what this legal jargon means im lost

Sis, I'm lost as hell too. Anyways, Dr. Luke is a deep shit, I wouldn't understand this gibberish language moo1 


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TomTom    7,309
8 hours ago, Drake said:

I just did and tried searching Party and index. No results found. How do you search them?

Try to search "Defendant" and then type "Sebert"

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