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Big Brother: RAINBOW | Winner: PRAYING (Ghostface)

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Freaky Prince    29,542

Hopefully, by the time we finish this we will have K4 so we can just flow into that one kr72gi0.png



-Players choose a song to represent
- Once each song is represented a random player is chosen to be HOH (Head of Household)
- The Head of Household chooses two songs to be up for eviction
- The players vote on which of the two songs they want to evict
- The song with the most votes to leave is evicted and the other nominee becomes the HOH
- The process repeats until there is a clear winner

- Once you are out of the game, you can't vote in the next rounds, but you will be able to vote in the finale.



1. Bastards - @TomTom2288

2. Let 'Em Talk - @Mr. "Legend" Gorgeous

3. Woman - @Chris Morlock

4. Hymn - @Régine Filange

5. Praying - @Ghostface

6. Learn to Let Go - @Jae

7. Finding You - @Okan

8. Rainbow - @Imperfect

9. Hunt You Down - @attitude

10. Boogie Feet - @Freaky Prince

11. Boots - @EvilRegal

12. Old Flames (Can't Hold a Candle to You) - @Dan

13. Godzilla - @Merryem 

14. Spaceship - @Urbanov

15. Emotional - @Habits



15th - HUNT YOU DOWN (lost against 'Boogie Feet')

14th - OLD FLAMES (lost against 'Godzilla')

13th - BOOTS (lost against 'Praying')

12th - GODZILLA (lost against 'Emotional')

11th - BASTARDS (lost against 'Hymn')

10th - RAINBOW (lost against 'Woman')

9th - HYMN (lost against 'Praying')

8th - LEARN TO LET GO (inactivity)

7th - EMOTIONAL ( lost against 'Spaceship')

6th - FINDING YOU (lost against 'Woman')

5th - BOOGIE FEET (lost against 'Let 'Em Talk')

4th - WOMAN (lost against 'Praying')

3rd - LET 'EM TALK (lost against 'Spaceship')

2nd - 

1st - 

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Freaky Prince    29,542
Jae    23,156
Just now, Ghostface said:

Well, I wanted everything said above my post, so Praying for me then...


learn to let go I guess 


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P.E.T.E.R.    8,326
4 minutes ago, Régine Filange said:




2 minutes ago, Jae said:


learn to let go I guess 


omg yall were faster than me those are the songs i wanted 

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