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FOTP Big Brother 8

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Just now, Tomás said:

why is your avi a picture of my father though


Didn't know you were my child since I was married to him, the more you know I guess!

He's mine


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Hello FOTP, we are BACK! After a dramatic season finale last season where I announced the game will be going on hiatus indefinitely, with the help and support of the community, we have returned for an 8th season! It's an indie season, so that means less funding and less houseguests but if this goes well then the future of BB will be bright!

Tonight, 18 people will enter the FOTP Big Brother house for a chance to be crowned the winner and win a free month of VIP. Will they be boring like last season? Will they bring the drama and kiis like All Stars? My feelings are mixed!

Hello I am your host Justice Chen and welcome to FOTP Big Brother 8! Let's get started girlies!


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