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FOTP Big Brother 8

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Jury Roundtable Pt. 2


@Divine: Let's move on from @Cosmic and talk about @Sweetener. Answer this truthfully, does he deserve to win?

@Jae: At this point, I guess.

@Hylia: I think there was a time where he didn’t use the Veto to save me, which made sense cause I wasn’t in an alliance with him, but I’m still salty so I’m gonna say no!

Divine: Oh a bitter jury are we?

@Maria: Damn right I'b bitter as fuck. Those stupid bitches got rid of me for no reason!

@Royale: Since I'm a bitter jury member Sweetener might get my vote if he gets to the final two against Cosmic. bey7 

Divine: Well if yall wanna vote for him, what was Sweetener's biggest game move?

Hylia: His internet speed during puzzle competitions.

@Dookie Quill: Being able to lay low from all the drama, whilst being able to witness it without stirring the pot or getting into arguments with anybody.

Divine: Some would say laying low and doing nothing is being a floater. Would you all consider Sweetener to be a floater?

Dookie Quill: Yes, he didn't necessarily noteworthy aside from being there. So props to that... I guess. 

Jae: I mean, not really because he was in my alliance but at the same time he didn't do much no offense 

Royale: I guess so, according to the fan favorite poll! bey7 

Divine: So since he was hiding in the shadow's the entire time, I guess he wasn't anyone's target?

Hylia: I don't believe so.

Royale: He sure was @Tomás'. The good sis kept reminding us about how Sweetener needed to get out of the house, ever since Sweetener nominated him. We all can see that his plan failed.

Jae: No, he literally flew by.

Dookie Quill: Not that I can think of, again, he didn't start beef with anyone and mostly kept to his business. Had I actually stayed in the house instead of @Sylk fucking nominating me I would've nominated him if I won HOH.

Divine: So would you all consider his strategy of laying low a good strategy?

Dookie: Yes, he made it to the top three and chances are, he's probably going to win this whole thing.

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