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FOTP Big Brother 8

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2 minutes ago, Divine said:

Divine: Well if yall wanna vote for him, what was Sweetener's biggest game move?

Hylia: His internet speed during puzzle competitions.

Wait I'm actually screaming rip4

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Jury Roundtable Pt. 3


@Divine: Now let's move to @Urbanov. He was a pretty big target for most of the season due to his association with Beaux, does him making it this far impress you?

@Dookie Quill: Yes, he was able to make it through the entire season and multiple eliminations, evening when the drama with BEAUX reached it's peak, he still managed to make it through.

@Hylia: I’m more impressed by the fact that he sat through all of Beaux’s “rat this, rat that” speeches without developing an alcohol dependency.

@Royale: He still needed to go earlier though. :) 

Divine: Why is that? Is he too a snake like the good sis @Cosmic?

Royale: I don't know if, nor think that "snake" is really appropriate here, but he sure was under the wing of the biggest manipulator I've ever seen in action in this game, so yeah, this is a case for the FBI.

@Jae: Idk he seemed pretty honest and loyal.

Hylia: Yea and we always knew where he stood, even if it was with our enemies.

Dookie Quill: Tea he stood by his alliance evening when the whole thing started to fall apart.

Divine: I have to ask, why did you all want him out so bad and fail so miserably?

Hylia: Because he was aligned with the Rose McGowan of the game. I never targeted him though so at least I can say I didn’t fail there!

Royale: I was mad because the good sis needed to open his eyes, which he didn't do for a long time. As of now I guess him being in the final three doesn't bother me that much.

Divine: Well that's all I have for you all. Thank you for not joining me. There is still quite a bit of game that the final three still has to play so let's get to it!

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Nothing will beat this jury moment btw

On 7/24/2017 at 6:21 PM, Divine said:

Daenerys: I kinda want to know what Maraj did this whole season? You know, other than be @Hermione and Hyun's bitch! interesting1

Maraj: I wanna know what you did this season besides being a fucking bitch and start unnecessary ass drama. move along hoe, i dont have the time. it's hot as hell and I'm not in the mood. Can we get to the next question? I don't want to start right now.


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Now it's time to crown the final HOH by getting part three underway! @Urbanov, the winner of part one, and @Cosmic, the winner of part two, will now face off to see who will be the final HOH of the season and will have the power to evict the final juror and will take whoever is left with him to the final two!

The winner of part three and the season's final HOH is...




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Congrats to @Urbanov on winning the final HOH of the season! He must now vote to evict either @Cosmic or @Sweetener. Whoever he evicts will become the final jury member and whoever he keeps will join him in the final two. Who did he decide to evict? Let's find out now!

Urbanov has decided to evict...



Sweetener you have been evicted from the Big Brother house and are our final jury member.


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