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Big Brother: The Singles Edition!

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Mariah's 18 #1's    2,132




Welcome to a Big Brother game consisting of Britney's hits. I was going to format the game on her Singles Collection album, but there's since been hits and fan favourite singles that can be included from eras following on from then. Consequently I have compiled a carefully selected list of singles to represent each era, some having more than others. 



- Players of the game have to choose a song they would like to represent throughout the game.

- After each song is represented, a random player is chosen to become Head of Household. (HoH)

- The HoH has to choose two songs to be up for eviction.

- The players (except the HoH, unless there's a tie) vote on which of the two songs they want to evict.

 - The song with the most votes to leave is evicted and the other nominee becomes the HoH.

- Then, the process repeats until there's a winner.




1. Baby One More Time - represented by @Modern Woman

2. Sometimes - represented by @Anna Wintour - 2nd TO BE EVICTED

 3. Oops!... I Did It Again - represented by @Ghostface

4. Stronger - represented by @Royale

5. I'm A Slave 4U - represented by @Michael. - 9TH TO BE EVICTED

6. Me Against the Music - represented by @Milk - 5TH TO BE EVICTED

7. Toxic -represented by @Brinty

8. Everytime - represented by @Imperfect

9. Gimme More - represented by @Brinty - 4th TO BE EVICTED

10. Piece of Me - represented by @Régine Filange

11. Circus - represented by @California boy -8TH TO BE EVICTED

12. Womanizer - represented by @Sylk

13. Hold it Against Me - represented by @fab - 3RD TO BE EVICTED

14. Til the World Ends - represented by @Violet - 6TH TO BE EVICTED

15. Work Bitch - represented by @fab - 1st TO BE EVICTED

 16. Slumber Party - represented by @Freaky Prince - 7TH TO BE EVICTED




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Mariah's 18 #1's    2,132
Mariah's 18 #1's    2,132
12 minutes ago, California boy said:

Circus brit13

Yours sis demi1

11 minutes ago, Michael. said:

I want all of them ari7 

I guess Slave 4 U ari7 

Btw @Anna Wintour if you need a banner, feel free to ask me. ari7 

All yours and I've PM'ed you ty so much katy9

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Ghostface    6,163
8 minutes ago, Modern Woman said:

Wig BOMT is still there rip4

Let me snatch that one ny1 

Finally, someone is showing love for earlier eras. tay8

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