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Welcome to the Madonna Section

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Brinty    8,956


Hey lil Fossils!wub1 Welcome to the Madonna Section on Flop of the Pops! In this thread are links to highlights of this section! Ranging from useful to popular topics, this thread will act as a guide to this section! With over  200,000 Posts, this section is the perfect place to stay updated on Madonna! From Discography Threads to Section Games, News & Discussions there is never a dull moment in this section! If you would like to join the Official FOTP Madonna Stan Tag List, Just ask me :)! I hope you enjoy your time in the Madonna Section!mad6


Talk about anything and everything Madonna related in this thread!


Share what Madonna song you are currently listening to in this thread!


Check out a gallery of Madonna's Discography!

Made by @Ursula


Look at Madonna's Spotify , Billboard and Youtube Statistics!

Made by @Régine Filange

hTXs2EH.pngShare your Collection of Madonna things with other Madonna Stans!


Check out Madonna's Unreleased material!

Made by @Ursula


Check out Madonna Magazine Scans!
Made by @Nocturn


Discuss Madonna's Upcoming Album with Others!

Official FOTP Madonna Emotes


Fanmade FOTP Madonna Emotes


Official & Important Links

Official Website | Official Store

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | FOTP Madonna Twitter

 | Apple Music  | YouTube |


* Credits to the Iconic @Ursula for making the taglist!<3


@Ursula - Rebel

@Nocturn- Historian

@Rebel Bitch - M-Dolla

@Unapologetic Bitch - Dita

@ParentalAdvisory - Tony Ward

@Régine Filange - Spanish Eyes

@Jjang - Master Debater

@Chris Morlock - Virgin

@Dookie Quill - Mer Girl

@Freaky Prince - Spy 

@Kuba - Almost Stan

@Rachel Green - Magic

@Angelus - Statistician

@Saiga - Diplomat 

@Earth Ripper - Essayist

@Lord Stoneheart - Joan of Arc

@sonowgoodbye - Naughty Nun

@Vertigo-go - Clown

@Unique - Evita

@Dennis Reynolds - Star

@SpringwoodSlasher - Beautiful Killer

@Shiver - Esther

@Mint - Brahim

@Sydney - Material Girl

@Princess Aurora - Disco Diva

@Pandora - Bad Girl

@PhCh - Sinner

@BEAUX - Boy Toy

@Nixter - Veronica Electronica

@Nick - President

@Systemagic - Runaway Lover

@Emperor Nick - Queen

@Reputation - Cowgirl

@Kirjava - Geisha

@SZA - Yeezus

@King Perry  - Best Friend

@Jose - Candy Perfume Girl

@JMQDB - Jessie

@jdpm1991 - Pop Princess

@JENNA GAGA - Thief of Hearts

@Impossible Princess - La Petite Jeune Fille

@Hot as Ice - Señorita

@witchcraft. - Sticky & Sweet

@Dawni - Future Lover

@Solaris Lorica - Jesus Luz

@BJORK - Olga 

@Diamond - Immaculate Collection 

@Justas - Gypsy

@Milk - Bedtime Story Teller

@Liam - Little Star

@Lachlan - Lucky Star

@Satori - Shanti

@Solly - Candy Store Owner

@#Music - Mr. DJ

@JustHereForX - NYC

@Courtney Love - VMAs 1995

@SockBitch - Guy Oseary

@Maryanne - Vogue

@LoanSPW - Angel

@Vulnicura. - Bourgeoisie Rebel

@Station to Station - Drunk by 6

@Kenny Mccormick - Bhad Bitch

@KingOfTheClouds - American Bitch

@The One Below All - Golden Shower

@Monster - Girl Gone Wild

@Lyric - Future Pop Diva

@Stacey Q's Greatest Hits - Autotune Baby

@Imperfect - Beautiful Scars

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Brinty    8,956
20 minutes ago, Régine Filange said:

what is this? orangu1


its this sis but it’s called randomosity ingeneral also if you’re talking about the pic I put random pics for all of the faves I’m doing and I really like madge’s Pool pic it’s very um iconic katy7

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Brinty    8,956
20 minutes ago, Pandora said:

Madonna Nation? mad5 

Isn’t that madonna’s fans names katy4

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Brinty    8,956
25 minutes ago, ParentalAdvisory said:

No we r called lil Fossils lol3 


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Brinty    8,956
10 hours ago, Domy said:

madonna nation jsksksk

I’m such a messfall8

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