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I have a feeling we won't be seeing that "Like That" music video since Doja Cat has been pretty much MIA and I don't think this is the best time for her to drop a video.

I'm literally about to cry because that video looked great.


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When you put it like this... clap3 She really is the most versatile mainstream (male or female) artist, visually AND sonically at the same time, since Gaga or hell maybe even before her clap3 

I'm truly speechless how she can do anything and it is so nice seeing her grow and showcase so much talent like this clap3 

Now if only she stops acting like a bozo on social media, that would be nice nicki4

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She’s been simultaneously working on her third album, the follow-up to 2019’s “Hot Pink.” The new record is done, she said, though there’s no title at this point. It won’t be out until next year.

“It has a lot of different vibes on it,” Doja Cat said of the sound. “It’s a little more consistent [than ‘Hot Pink’], but there are still some things I wanted to experiment with as far as funk and disco. There’s a lot more slower songs on it, too. It’s not mostly slower songs, but there’s more than the last one. It’s a sexy album. It’s a sexy little vibe, and I’m excited to get it out.”


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So glad everyone is finally catching on the hype for my sis after preaching about her not being a meme artist after Moo! I'm glad everyone is seeing the LIGHT. STAN DOJA OR DIE.

Sis looks like a Milk Goddess.

Say So video? The hairstylist credited on the first pic is not the same as the other two, but those pics must be from a video shoot

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