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FOTPVision Special 9.0 | Final Results

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Entea    29,276


Final Results

Welcome everyone, to the official results of the Final of the FOTPVision Song Contest! This 9th season is finally coming to an end when we crown our winner. Over the course of a few weeks, we have announced 7 songs, but who will take the crown? That is what your votes decided and all points will be revealed right now!




Congratulations to @Ghostface and Serbia for winning this season of FOTPVison. Your 1 month free Premium VIP is ready to be activated, let me know if you want it yourself or to gift the VIP to another FOTP member yas2

Note: Poland and Russia are disqualified as they failed to vote in time sia4


Who Was Who



@Ghostface¬†@Milk¬†@R√©gine Filange¬†@Sim√≥n.¬†@SWINő쬆@Urbanov

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Milk    6,559

Screaming at all the tasteless scores ari9

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Ghostface    7,663


This caught me off guard.


Well, first of all I would like to thank the host @Entea for giving this game one more chance/season. I am sure it turned out to be the least interesting one due to small numbers of players, but something is better than nothing. I was hoping for live results show, because we could communicate more, but as pointed earlier, it would have been done fast, so this is acceptable option as well.

Then, thanks to the rest of members who decided to give this one more shot. You all probably participated in this game before, so excitement level about it was not at all time high, but I am really glad we got this. I am also thankful to players who voted for my representative song. It was not my first option, but it seemed like best one among other choices I had in mind. Let me remind you that I enjoyed hearing different kind of songs presented her. Points don't mean much, since I changed my ranking few times before I could finally fit it as best as it is possible. 

So, before this gets sappy ( like it already hasn't become ), I hope next season will be held, with all of you and more members/players as well. Thanks again and see you around here. 



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